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automapper of zmud

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Posted by Andrea on 02/08

i am trying to get the zmud-automapper to work for several weeks now... but i didnt managed

when i discussed with zmud-coders they said that the problem may be the ] at the end of the exit-line that could be solved if the mud-coders would insert a blank between the last exit and the finishing ] ...

please overthink it and maybe the imms are nice and change this

tell sam -shrug- dont know

From: Psytrac Sunday, February 08, 03:39AM

not sure if it will help, but you can change the colors of the ] so that it doesnt show up, sort of.


From: Rufus Sunday, February 08, 06:35AM

We're not going to alter the look of the mud in order to make up for deficiencies in mud clients. Sorry.


From: Tullus Sunday, February 08, 03:49PM

I don't believe in the use of automappers so I never tried to use the Zmud automapper. Besides, some areas on Legend are designed to mess up automappers with mazes/loops etc. But I do know someone who got Zmud's Automapper to work. He's not on much anymore, but if you can catch him on, ask him how he did it. Gil-Galad got it to work.



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