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Posted by Psytrac on 02/13

Although mages have to maintain more stats in order to cast ALL their spells, their benefit is quite great, since it gives them access to a multitude of options, sometimes far more than the number of practices they spent learning those words.

the point is, for non-mages, sure they can max out two stats and have a decent 3rd stat, but rarely does it amount to the advantage a mage can have. But non-mage fighters arent as badly off as are surgeons. From what i know, surgeons have at least 3 stats to maintain, getting surgery/first aidanatomy being the o only skills offered to them for maintaining those stats. (other than those skills available to mages with those stats).

Granted surgery is a powerful skill, but it is already quite handicapped in that you can't operate on yourself. It would be helpful if more skills were available to surgeons, maybe a stun like effect through anaesthetics (erhm, pain killers) or cure poison/cure blind (or protection from).

It would be also nice if they had a skill that gives them a magic sink of some sort, but my basic point is that the surgeons are pretty handicapped for the stats they have to maintain.


From: Kinch Tuesday, February 10, 07:45AM

Interesting idea:)

So that if you have the anatomy skill (or whatever it's called - I'm not a surgeon)

you can more scientifically target areas on your opponent's body...

You could also have an industrial age skill similar to brew that allows you to combine ingredients into medicines... whether healing, or hallucinatory/clumsy/sleep/idiocy etc... with an object like a syringe you could "inject" them into someone (don't think this is historically inaccurate).

I daresay things like this are being contemplated under skilltrees.

I'm all for specialisation, when it has exclusive benefits:)


From: Ea! Wednesday, February 11, 08:56AM

I'm sure you're not going to like this answer, but...

Skill trees has/will have a bunch more medical skills, include: disinfect, medicate, and pharmacology. There may well be others as well, but those are the ones I remember off the top of my head.

One of the things that is slated for creation are multiple types of pills (hence the pharmacology skill) that have a variety of effects.

Similarly, many other professions have other skills. Hopefully in the long term there will be enough skills that you can't get all of them in any one player. (Much less in a mage...)


From: Mystbane Wednesday, February 11, 11:05AM

skill trees. woohoo.

From: Kinch Friday, February 13, 10:02AM


Sounds like a good answer to me:)



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