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Fillable ammo pouch

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Posted by Chronos on 02/10

I was just thinking....

could we have something like a fillable ammo container? That way, we could string our bows/guns and also the container So that I wouldn't, for example be loading a bow strung as an orb of lightning from a quiver

One would be able to rent that ammo container, and refill it from the regular ammo/arrow source thats available now.. (like you could fill it from a box of .45s or a quiver of arrows).

At present, I was thinking of stringing a quiver.. but then realized that thats one expensive stringing, as I'd only have the strung quiver for 25 shots, and then.. poof! =P

-- Chronos.

From: Mystbane Tuesday, February 10, 10:52AM

you could ask the imms to restring your quiver every time it goes down to 1 shot left.

From: Ronnie Tuesday, February 10, 03:18PM

I think they have better things to do than restring an ammo case everytime it reaches one shot. :-PP

But the refillable thing is a good idea. Maybe an ammo clip for gons, not sure what for arrows.



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