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Posted by Crackerjack on 02/14

I really can't understand why we are only allowed to trade in other fight skills to get the new ones. There have been so many changes recently - new fight system, choke, parry, elbow that it would be nice if a bit of leeway was shown and we were allowed to trade in whatever skill we wanted. I suppose its more annoying because I dont really see the reasoning behind limiting the trade to fight skills - how could it hurt to let us trade any skills? There are now more fight skills that there were before, so by a simple swap some people are not going to have all the skills they could have.

OK a case in point, this character. I am a 3rd circle mage/str fighter, so the ONLY fight skills i got were bash and rage - my dex is only 50 and con even lower, so i saw no point in getting any other fight skill. OBVIOUSLY if elbow had been around when i was levelling i would have got it as well. Now that elbow is in I have used up all my pracs and am told i can only get elbow if I trade in rage or bash.

Why? I have to give up one of my 2 fight skills to get elbow, it just sucks.

Crackerjack, a bit peeved.

From: Bulk Friday, February 13, 07:11PM

Not just that, with the floating hp system, my char has been compromised greatly, and with the fight system changes effectiveness of skills has also changed.

Since spells are both offensive and defensive, in addition to the other simply nifty effects, i don't see why words can not be traded away, even if it only entails words that are more obviously combat related, such as vya or vant.

I agree that this is a MUD that evolves every now and then, and I don't mind having to adjust to changes if we are given a fair chance. Not all of us have the time or energy to create a new lvl 50 char everytime a change goes in, especially if it means creating just a better version of a char because you learned something you shouldn't have.

I guess it is my shortcoming that i only create certain kind of chars, but most of it was due to the fact that this char could not trade skills or spells to get those pracs back. I know i did squeeze a lot of advantages out of this system when i first made this char (it was sort of meant to do that) but that doesnt justify the fact that it has to be obsolete now. I like longevity in my chars (in the years of playing i pd'd ONE char, and even that char was around long enough) and it would be nice if the mud promoted longevity in chars, instead of turning to a churn-a-50-per-change type of mud.

Got carried away a bit, but i would like a chance to get a second chance, so to speak.


PS. oh yeah, lvling to 50 isn't the hard part, the hard part is having to get yourself known in the mud again to garner enough support to get eq, and eq here is pretty darn hard to come by for players that can only log for couple hours at a time.

From: Arsene Saturday, February 14, 04:54PM

oh well, we've been asking forever, and they act like its nothin to not be able to use the new skills.


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