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Posted by Zeppelin on 03/05

1 lower rent on torc

2 lower rent on leafmail shirt

3 make preserve take less mana

4 make brown doublet sturdier

5 make rusted iron eq repairable, and have it start with "a pair of"

6 how about a good ac bracelet?

7 increase stats on skull staff by 1 or 2

Guess thats all i can think of -- i know these all wont happen, but its just a few thoughts


From: Zeppelin Monday, February 09, 03:57PM

The create mage armor spell -- make it give -20ac instead of a worthless c

From: Zeppelin Monday, February 09, 03:58PM


From: Chronos Monday, February 09, 07:40PM

I think rusted stuff are repairable... aka armplates, belt.. legplates...

From: Psytrac Monday, February 09, 07:57PM

i'd personally like to see more eq move to mend and repair, as opposed to having almost every single eq be tf.

or even better, make tf a second circle spell or something :P

it'd also be nice if you could throw forged daggers.

From: Violet1Guest Monday, February 09, 08:02PM

repair eq tends to be higher rent than tform, the hardness of fixing it lowers rent.


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