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The medical profession

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Posted by Fairfax on 02/17

Following on from the post which highlighted the limitations of doctors, I'd like to add a few extremely biased suggestions :)

1. Give first aid a 100% chance of staunching bleeding - I mean all that medical training MUST have allowed us to be more effective at bandaging wounds. If we can heal with a bandage It's be rather unrealistic to say that the wound did not close.

2. Maybe surgeons could have a drug skill, using the good old herbs which are the mainstay of the druid. Some sort of chemical skill which will allow us to create toxins/medicines which can be injected using a syringe (which we have to buy, or could be given to us by the skill teacher). Non-combat effects like heal, sleep, cure burns, cure poison, even.. hehe restore mana could not unrealistically be effected via modern medical science.

Combat effects like poison, stun, paralyse etc could have be used during combat, and of course, there's a failing chance, in which case the surgeon squirts the concoction into thin air, wasting it completely, and has to reload his syringe with the desired drug. Of course, this skill should be limited to Londoners, due to Lima's older technology base, and this will also offset Lima's druidic advantage. As far as I know, Londoners have no advantages over Limans at all, while they have plenty over us.

3. Non-surgeon related... can Londoners juggle? I don't see why they can't, unless Victorian Londoners were notoriously clumsy.

4. For people who carry a chair, perhaps they could sit on it while the chair is in the inventory, rather than have to drop it, sit, and immediately pick it up again (while sitting) in case someone nicks it.

Sorry if that was a little long, and far-fetched, but that's just a few cosmetic suggestions. Not being code-literate, I apologise if my post has caused any of the hard-working coders to have a minor seizure or stroke. If they're not within coding boundary, then just ignore them. :)

Yours hopefully,


M.B.B.S. (Madras)

From: Fairfax Sunday, February 15, 10:42AM

Ack.. I apologise for the atrocious grammatical use of the mother language there.. Got disconnected when almost finished, and sort of rushed it through the second time. :)


From: Arsene Monday, February 16, 12:29AM

London and klein have always been useless hometowns. no matter most of my characters are form either/or

From: Nothing Monday, February 16, 04:33AM

ooh, prozac! -zone-

From: Ea! Monday, February 16, 09:40AM

The Pharmacology skill as well as the medicate skill will come with skill trees -- I doubt that they'll be here sooner, but I guess it is possible.

As for first aid always stopping patient's bleeding: the chance of failure is to simulate people who are -seriously- bleeding, not just people who are bleeding slightly. However, it's possible that we can up the chance of stopping bleeding when first aid is being used -- though it's already fairly high.

We know that there are a bunch of imbalance issues regarding hometowns, particularly London (and to a slightly lesser extent Klein). We're working with the builders on these issues.


From: Mystbane Monday, February 16, 05:24PM

Klein is cool cuz you can repair and still have access to 2nd circle magic. Hardly as useless as London, and awfully nice place to be from if you are 2nd create and like preserving your own eq.

From: Fairfax Tuesday, February 17, 08:46AM

Great, thanks! :)



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