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Posted by Ronnie on 02/18

Okay, its been said before many times. Strength seems to have been given the crap end of it. The weapons for strength have atroucious rent and the good ones are really heavy. Unless your str/dex, you barely hit either, and theres the chance of parry, dodge, and all sorts of other things. Compared to dex and con, strength is crap. Dex fighters get close to 12 attacks at around lvl 15, have great ac, dodge, everything listed above, can choke to stun, and kick without waking the person up.

Dex is way over powered as always, and con isnt much better.

Con fighters get a good number of attacks, good damage, high hps. And if t they are con mages can headbutt/blind/stun and all sorts of other stuff.

Strength fighters need to get a chance of winning here.

Maybe lower the rent on weapons, or give more attacks, lessen the weigth, add a skill that lets you brave the affects of different stun types and get throught them.


From: Stick Monday, February 16, 12:20PM

Hmm....actually, I think Ronnie might have a point in there somewhere...Correct me if I'm wrong, but do strength weapons really do more dam? A good str weapon seems to be about 7k rent with the top items up to 10k or so...Compared to the top dex and con items at 7k (roughly). Since I suspect rent to at least partially be calculated based on dam, it seems they should do more. Now, the max dam per attack is higher on str weapons, but when you calculate the max dam/round is it really all that much more than con or dex weapons?

I know strength characters inherently get higher damroll, but as many people know there are a few items that can make up for quite a bit of that if you're a non-strength fighter. In addition dex and con have a wider range of specials, especially if you're con/dex like myself, to stun your opponent with, thus increasing the damage done. (And yes, I know strength has bash, but doesn't a stunned person take more damage than a sitting one?)

All in all it just doesn't seem to me that they do all that much more...


PS Don't get me wrong, I don't think strength fighters should do twice the damage anyone else does, I'm just thinking 'out loud' as it were...

From: Sinister Monday, February 16, 12:46PM

The problem is that if every combat style ( con, str, dex ) has each a stunning attack versus the same skill ( headbutt = con vs con...) then each style would be exactly the same except its name.

Str fighter do alot of dam compared to dex but they do not stun. -> normal

Dex do a lot of attacks but less dam. -> normal

Con do average dam, average attacks, but good hp -> normal.

I think this fight system is now to a very good balanced point. It works real good and each style is fun to play with.

Of course theere will always be ppl to say 'this skill sucks' but they always complain for themselves and never about a skill they do not have, so...

Only thing that sucks to me is +dam +hit items.

Remove tham from the game and it will be real balanced :P

-cover ears from loud whinning-


From: Kinch Wednesday, February 18, 08:39AM

I agree with Sinister.

I should point out that I don't calculate things down to the last hp of damage inflicted. Nevertheless, I'm a dex person and have spent a lot of time playing with Laurana (umm...that came out wrong, but you know what I mean) who is a str fighter.

Yes, she attacks less than I do, but she does a hell of a lot more damage per attack (depending on the weapon she's using).

In addition, in terms of pure combat skills, I have access to backstab (which is only available first attack...not always a good option if you can't follow through against killer mobs) and choke, whereas Laurana from memory can bash, headbutt, elbow, kick and warcry (probably con comes into that somewhere).

On the other hand, I've also put some time into archery-type skills. We're one level apart from each other, but there are mobs that I can take on that she has trouble with, and very definitely vice versa.

I also seem to be better at taking on multiple mobs.

The point I'm making is that stat priorities and skill choice is very much an "opportunity cost" thingy - in chosing one thing, I realise it cuts down my options in other areas, but the upside is that I can do certain things better than other people.

The thing I've noticed is that when I co-operate with -anyone- with different stat balance, skill set, or hometown, the two of us together are a hell of a lot more effective than if we both had the same capabilites.

I tend to think in the same terms in the which-mage-type-is-better or is-industrial-better-than-ancient arguments.

I tend to view "balance" as not being "are we all the same" but rather "does it all even out in the long run".

I have a feeling that skill-trees is going to come as a shock to a lot of people, because from what I've read, it will encourage specialisation rather than standardisation.

Don't tell me you've never asked "can anyone tform/praise/refresh/ repair/brew/pick lock/operate/fly me/cast underwater breathing/ see invisible/sleep/etc etc etc."

And don't tell me that there have been times when someone's asked you the same question and you've proudly turned around and said "Yes".

Kinch "the guy who lives across the road from me drives a BMW, and I don't even own a car...do you think it bothers me?" the Laughing Spider.


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