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Posted by Sinister on 02/17

Ok, dunno if this board is the place about a pk discussion or if I should put this on war board. But writing here cuz it has nothing to do with RP.

Steal is level related (can't still if guy is not in pk range) Spelluse is level related ( weaken, blind and not direct dam spells) Why the hell healing is not?

It seems to me weird that a level 10 surgeon can heal his level 50 clanmate without the possibilty of being killed back from the guy that just loose the fight against the operated one. I think a pk-enabled surgeon/poulticer could only heal clanned ppl that are in his range.

My 2 cents,

Sinister, King of hell.

From: Ronnie Tuesday, February 17, 03:34AM

Or a lvl 50 healing a lower level in a fight? -poke Ramone-

From: Kaige Tuesday, February 17, 02:07PM

This would also lead to having healing of any form obey pk limitations across the board. Not sure that'd be too popular with healer types and the people who like to group with them.

Which is why we left it at damaging and not both ways.



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