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Posted by Hastur on 02/17

maybe its just me, but doesnt it seem logical that the % chance to parry should be based on defenders dex, regardless of weapon type? Wouldnt someone who is an expert at a quarterstaff be able to parry attacks? Or an expert swordsman for that much.

I think it would be harder to parry with a small dagger or other small dex weapons. But then again, maybe im wrong, feel free to flame away and add comments.

-Hastur McDougan

From: Zak Tuesday, February 17, 12:14AM

i think maybe based on perc that way all three fighting stats can have one stat to base it on, because what he said did make sense about being easier to parryw ith a quarterstaff..etc besides, you have to be able to tell where your opponent is going to come at you so you can parry it (perc) the only part dex would come in is the speed at which you can get your weapon there to block it. I dont know maybe i'm talking about about-> out... of my butt, but it seems to make sense to me at this time in the morning

From: Eol Tuesday, February 17, 05:06AM

if they did things based on how it should be, things would be quite different.

From: Dudley Tuesday, February 17, 05:19PM

I think parry should be like dodge, chance based on dex (well, at least usable with just dex) and not depend on the weapon you are currently wielding.

If we are going to keep it as dex-weapon based, give it a chance to break/disarm at the moment of parry, depending on the weights and strengths of the two weapons or the wielders at a time of a parry.


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