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Posted by Primo on 02/17

would it be possible to have our spell lists alphabetized? It would be much easier to see what spells might be missing or finding the word combo for a spell we already know.

From: Rufus Monday, February 16, 10:42PM

Only if you'd like lag everytime you type 'spells' =)


From: Primo Monday, February 16, 10:44PM

oh well in that case I'll let you guys leave it like it is :)

From: Ea! Tuesday, February 17, 09:54AM

It's worth noting that the spellbook will do lookups for you based on spell name. spellbook cause will find all spells with "cause" in the title of the spell. You can only lookup spells by name, not by word combinations, however.

It seems to be a tide bit buggy still (sometimes it shows the whole list), and we're working on fixing that.



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