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Posted by Ixeldreth on 02/20

You folks are doin a fine job! Just gotta put my two cents in every once in awhile. :)

From: Dudley Thursday, February 19, 11:10AM

To my knowledge (which ain't much, i admit) stunned mobs or players take twice the damage in addition to being easier to hit. As far as spells having to be cast successfully, it's too small a chance to balance the power of the spells, considering a spell with a cast lvl of 5 or so rarely failed in my chars, and after about 15, i haven't seen one fail (other than the occasional 1/2 mana back stun) at all.

What disturbs me is that all the combat stats have skills that can be countered by having something other than the stat used for the attacker, (lemme rephrase that, not -all- but some), and those happen to be bash, headbutt, choke and warcry. The skills that can only be blocked by the stat used by the attacker are pretty much all the spells, backstab, kick, elbow (?), and snipe. Which gives a dex perc fighter 2 skills, both severely powerful and quite outside the dex-fighters-do-less-damage scheme and both having a chance to stagger/paralyze.

And when a dex/perc fighter can easily have 400-500 hps thanks to the new dex equip with +hps, (not to mention them having the free rent to rent all of it) it pretty much outweighs other fighting stats since they a re granted tons of defense against the more devastating attack skills, while giving them skills nobody else but their type of char can defend against.

From: Arsene Friday, February 20, 05:22AM

I dont know I seem to only tumble 40 percent of the bashes people throw at me, and well, if the person has decent dex, they can hit the dam cap for two rounds plus the position modifier.

what gets me are these people who have amost 0 if not negative perc. that someone can totally neglect that stat seems horrid. almost as bad as having to use mind for the expert fight skills. why not move the req to 30 perc(which doesnt make fighters have to get 35 mind in a useless stat for them). this will lower the dex str con behemoths as much or more than having to use the mind req, and not subject pk fighters to idiocy forcing you to rent a gazillion timies if you dont have 35 mind.

From: Solomon Friday, February 20, 08:52PM

I have to say that I think that dexterity makes sense as the stat to adjust your ac, making you harder to hit. But I favor perception as the stat to affect to-hit, making it easier to hit things. To have one stat that both makes it easier to hit and less likely to be hit seems a little too much.

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