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A compromise for coupons

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Posted by Pontifex on 02/21

After hearing both sides of the argument, I can see justification for both. The main points of contention really are:

1: the value of a coupon

2: the versatility of roleplaying players have

3: the work the PR department has to do

Why not compromise?

It doesn't sound very unreasonable to me to have a week once a year, or maybe 3 days every 6 months where the PR department, would listen to people's reasons for changing their roleplaying situation and be willing to change their strings if the reason is good. This would allow for a compromise in points 2 and 3. However, the value of a coupon is then still in question. It seems to me that the coupon should not be a lifetime priviledge either, but yet it also seems to me that a strung item should have more inherent value than just a regular item and saying that it doesn't and that another whole coupon is need per strung item restring is wrong.

How about a compromise here as well. If one figures that a player has 21 slots... if all of these are strung and they have maybe 2 or 3 in inv that are strung as well then around 24 coupons.... how about a policy that would allow a person to change 6 strung items during this week or 3 day period for 1 coupon... that way during this period a player could obtain 4 coupons, have a good reason for roleplay change, get checked for appropriate string values, and get all their coupons changed. Everyone is then happy!

From: Celia Saturday, February 21, 05:30AM

Why not let people change strings if and only if they have had approval for a change in desc?

Hmm..maybe, maybe not, just a thought..

From: Hastur Saturday, February 21, 08:07AM

i currently head up the PR department on another mud, and we are implementing the string command on our mud soon, and im not looking fo -forward to it. put yourselves in the immorts shoes. Coupons and strings are a privilage not a right, and. I agree with fatales appends fully. While yes, you have to think about the players and what they want, you also have to think about the immorts, and what they can and cant do. If they say no to something, it's susually because they cant do it without major changes, or it would unbalance the game either is statistical ways (ex: combat, stats, requirements) or economical ways (coupons are limited, therefore they have value) also, the string mob has potential for abuse, even if you worked out the bugs and tried to monitor it.

What im saying i guess, is that you have to see the issue from both sides, and you cant start putting out accusions left and right, unless you know what youre talking about.

mind the horrible spelling, raw telnet

-Hastur McDougan


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