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Gag All.

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Posted by Marcel on 02/23

Okay... I've had some trouble with being able to do anything but get spammed off my link lately, pretty much ruining my game experience. So here's my suggestion of what to do about that.

A command which effectively is a GAG ALL - with the exception that rather than the response 'he/she is ignoring you', there would be a response the style of 'He/she does not wish to use the TELL ability, and cannot see your message.'

Point being, the gag all command would not be indicative of the person in question feeling harassed - but simply having too weak a link to deal with tellspam, being tired with requests for equipment, or whatever else is the reason for gagging all.

The gag all command cannot be substituted with an afk message - because even if your afk message is 'Go away', people will expect you to reply and pester you further when you don't.

I'd like to hear some other opinions on this, of course. For my more known characters, the need for a gag all command is reaching the point where I honestly don't feel like playing the game with them at all anymore.

From: Solomon Sunday, February 22, 10:29AM

An additional feature of the AFK command is in your config options. You can have the system suppress tell messages to you when you are AFK. People would tell to you, get your afk message, and you'd never even know it. I sometimes use this when I'm in SL, or even when I'm feeling like being 'alone.'

From: Marcel Sunday, February 22, 11:25AM

Yes, I know. I seem to have failed to make clear what I meant when I wrote, an afk message cannot stand in for a gag all. Y'see, when one puts up an afk saying something down the road of 'lagged, spammed, dead, oow, go away' or whatever else is deemed necessary and even config afk so that one does not see the tells either - look at least I get asked a lot afterwards what was wrong, what was I doing, who was I with, what did I get from it, who am I angry at... etc. etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum. The point is, when one needs to gag all - an afk is not the same thing. Afk means, roughly, be back later - gag all really does mean, I haven't a clue you're talking to me so don't expect me to respond.

From: Stick Monday, February 23, 10:21PM

Actually, I thought that already was something you could do, but it seems I was mistaken. For some reason I thought there was a 'notell' command, with which you disabled tell...Marcel has a point, I've been using it a lot on another mud I've played when I don't feel like talking to anyone but the person in the same room as me...-shrug- However, I guess AFK works just as well if you put a message on it that you're not afk, just blissfully ignoring everyone and enjoying the silence. "Don't call me, I won't call you"


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