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Posted by Dudley on 02/27

This could be just that i am very misinformed, but since i don't have the skill, bear with me.

1. i heard that stolen (and thus owned) eq lasts forever.

2. i heard that you can't junk stolen eq, but you can drop it

3. steal doesnt seem to be an agg skill

with the above, it seems that two clanned chars in a clan hall can store i infinite amount of eq, or spam eq, or eq such as the drum, chalice, or whatever that can facilitate regen, etc. I know dropped eq should stay as long as there isnt a crash/reboot, but this seems rather excessive, and so goes under the 'bug' category.

oh well, i could be just very misinformed, but whatever.


From: Dudley Monday, February 23, 04:20PM

It has come to my attention that a clan full of imm-alts has been using this to store eq in their hall indefinately.

Not to point fingers but this to me looks like a flagrant abuse of an unitended feature-aka bug.

I know you all have ingame interests, but i'd say that was rather excessive.

From: Sandra Monday, February 23, 05:29PM

Stealing an item then dropping doesn't set ownership. Its been tested. As for the append regarding the items in a clan hall, the item in question was a top hat that was owned by a character that was in that clan then perma'd inside of the hall. That bug was fixed, and the item was then simply unowned and went away in a reboot/crash.

From: Ishtar Friday, February 27, 10:27AM

If an item is stolen from you then dropped, that removes the ownership flag? Does the flag reset if it is picked up again?

If the flag is set to prevent junking of stolen equip, it would still seem very easy to get rid of it by dropping hiding it somewhere until the next reboot/crash (guess that can't be helped).

On the subject of steal, I was also wondering if you can recover from a corpse, items which were looted from somebody that you have befriended (without needing the steal skill to do it).


From: Wraith Friday, February 27, 03:23PM

Stealing an object sets a posessor flag which is removed when the object is dropped. The ownership flag remains unchanged.

- Wraith


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