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3 x 100 people and idiocy.

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Posted by Arsene on 02/26

despite the mind req , people have still found a way to hit 100 in all three stats, while leaving those of us who balance fight stats (dex / con and perc/dex) seriously troubled by having to get 25 mind, sac 5 stat points and a big gun and flee quaff, rent 5 or 6 times a fight, or have 35 USELESS mind, while mages dont have to worry about losing expert skills. If your aim was to stop 3 100 stats, you havent, and just hurt balanced fighters.

why not make the req 30, in perc, and maybe 10 in mind, so that if you acquire the min for hunt, you wont have to worry about idiocy(especially with the plan to stop renting to rem affects) and force chars to use perc(100 100 100 being in con str dex) while perc, more of a fight stat is ignored to very little penalty with autorush, hellacious damage, and 600-700 hp.

Or another option to stop this, and one I like would be to pair dex and perc on a 2 dex to 1 perc system, where if you have the ac, to hit , anbd dodge bonuses of 100 dex, youd need 50 perc to take advantage of it, because these people hit EXTREMELY well, and have 5 to 0 perc.

Or if anyone has any other suggestions Id like to hear them.

From: Dudley Monday, February 23, 11:42AM

not sure if the mind stat was there to -prevent- ppl from getting 3 100 stats or not, but its quite a pain to work around it, be it a "balanced" char or a wacked char. In mob-killing, there is no doubt that a 3 100 char is quite efficient, but in all honesty, it stinks as pkill stats (gee, i'm not a mage, and not a sniper, so who needs to know what other stats i got to figure this out) and the 3 100 stats don't fare much better than a str/con fighter with, say, 70 dex.

Other than it looking nice on score (with full prestige and an armor spell, damn, it does look good) there are much better ways to distribute your 340-349 pts. Even if the mind req was dropped, this char (and my other chars that have close to 100/100/100) would still have 25 mind, since i worked the veil as ac as well as mind...

Anyway, although mob-killing is pretty balanced among different char types, in pkill, mages still rule the mud as they are the only ones guaranteed a stunning skill while there being enough points left over to prevent themselves from getting stunned.

If anything needs to be worked on, it's the awesome power of spells like idiocy/clumsy/weaken/blind/stun/bind/cure crit.


From: Dudley Monday, February 23, 06:43PM

While we are on the topic of stats.

I mentioned this a couple years ago, and the explanation given never really suited me :P.

Of all the stats we could do a quest for, why on earth is there an extra +spi quest? That particular stat only comes in handy for a limited number of people (even less when we exclude spammers) and certainly favors a certain class of people more than others.

Mages often complain that they have to maintain at least 4 stats at all times, but of course, that means that they benefit when any of the four stats become more easier to get.

For us simple-minded fighter folk, granted we don't have to worry too much about maintaining stats (thanks to the mind req, now we do) but it comes at a hefty cost--lack of spells.

This lack of spells are a hefty penalty both offensively and defensively, but since most mobs do not use spells, against mobs, the stats balance out.

Anyway, the said spi quest does absolutely nothing to non-spell casting, non-operating, non-spamming chars, especially on chars that have no room for spam eq.

I'm not asking to get rid of that quest, but maybe it could be possible to add a quest which is -10 spi +2 all stat (other than spi) or even half that, say, +5 of a stat of choice (i'd trade for as little as +3, in all honesty, if that was an option).

This won't do anything but make fighters more competitive against mages, and get rid of a stat that still figures quite prominently in my score screen, despite the fact that i rolled dead minimum on it.


From: Ganymede Tuesday, February 24, 01:01AM

I have another suggestion regarding Dudley's complaint about the +spr quest: Why not add a second, similar quest in that area which grants the same bonus to perc, and if you've done one of the two quests you cannot do the other. For those of us for whom spirit is useless, the perc would have benefits (sniping, tumbling) without creating too large of an imbalance.

Ganymede Alderon

From: Arsene Tuesday, February 24, 06:09PM

Heh, if I had 10 more perc I could go 100 dex con 80 perc with 30 str or so, and people might no tthink thats fair.

From: Nym Thursday, February 26, 09:59AM

Downing the mind requirement for expert fighting skill to 10 is just ridiulous, since it would take at least _some_ brains to be an expert...As for perc, I agree there should be a perc requirement for the fighting skills as well, why not the equivalents of mind - 15/20/25?

Regarding mages being so powerful - well, a highlevel mage is, and should be, a difficult opponent and aside from bind (that I think may be just a little too good) I don't think the solution lies in removing spells or downgrading their effects.

Instead, try to come up with a few new fighting skills - mages get a whole lotta spells for their words after all - skills that have high stat requirements in multiple stats and thus would pretty much be inaccessible for mages. Two such skills that I had in mind were disarm and gouge (a blinding skill). I'm sure you can come up with others.



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