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Posted by Kinch on 02/24

I love being able to set a permanent mood, and the exit descriptions are cool!

Would it be possible to set things up so that you could leave your mood set to permanent, but "override" it where necessary?

For example, I might want to spend most of my time "happy", but if I want to say something "angry" to a certain person, could an "angry talk xxx...." give an angry message for that instance, rather than having to reset the mood, or type configure tempmood and then have to type "angry talk xxx" for the remainder of the conversation?

Just wondering...


From: Kinch Monday, February 23, 10:24AM

It's probably not critical...

The other thing is would it be possible to have it so that the response to typing "normal" ie "Kinch wipes all traces of emotion from his face" or whatever emotes only to the character? If you were swapping between permanent moods as a conversation progresses (especially in a RP sense), it sort of ruins the mood (um..pun partially intended) if the reset message keeps cropping up.



From: Ea! Monday, February 23, 01:09PM

There's a small bug with moods here -- if your permenant mood is happy, and you use angry talk it shows up as happy. It should show up as angry, of course. It works properly with say and entrances/exits, however.


From: Fairfax Tuesday, February 24, 07:14AM

Heh.. 'Kinch wipes all traces of emotion from his face' is a dramatic improvement over the old..'Kinch looks normal' though.. :)


M.B.B.S. (Madras)

From: Fatale Tuesday, February 24, 12:06PM

Though, it'd be a dramatic improvement to get rid of the message entirely. :)


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