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Skill wipe B4 trees..?

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Posted by Zeppelin on 02/25

How about an optional skill wipe?

Simply ask an admin/RP Imm, and they run some script that takes away all skills and give 1 prac back per.

Of course this wouldnt affect magic words (except you'd have to relearn chant

With all the new things going in, many chars would benefit from this. And, these is NO drawback. Well, the script would have to be written and tested -hug Rufus- and some Imms would be swamped at first with requests, but it'd be worth it.

I can say this because I wouldnt be doing any of the work, but hey, I'm not and Imm...


From: Arsene Tuesday, February 24, 04:50PM

its falling on deaf ears, tarbash asked months ago when the changes screwe d him, and he asked nicely, but oh well, what can you expect....

From: Kheldar Wednesday, February 25, 02:41AM

I can't speak for the coding deptartment, nor the admin dept as this kind of decision would be in their balliwick. Still, badgering the imms with comments like it falls on deft ears is not only not true, it tends to put the imms on the defensive instead of trying to deal with the suggestion or problem at hand. To look at it from the other point of view(the problem at hand that is), it would require a fair amount of additional coding, especially to get it so it would work online. It would require considerable time on the entire staff to listen to and administer each individual players request for such action, which obviously leads to other work coming to a halt for a couple weeks while we do it. Also, it would require something done to check if a player has or hasn't done it so they can't get their skills and then say, opps, I don't like this new skill, I'll just go get another skill wipe. Issues like this aren't easy to decide whether they are feasable, appropriate and within our manpower capabilities.


From: Arsene Wednesday, February 25, 07:11AM

well when all you ever get are evasive, if ANY answers, not even a let us work with you, and we've been asking for months, it seems like it falls on deaf ears. It is a fair and just thing to do since some people are locked into old styles that have been obsoleted, and skill trades have been arranged before, instead of wasting time take people on a case by case basis who need it, dont make a big fuss about it, neither will they, a total wipe probably isnt necessary.


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