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Posted by Mandrake on 02/26

Just discovered the rarely used (considering it's outside only) "lava flow" has a great new and improved 4 freaking rounds lag on it!

It cost 53 mana so what's that? 52 damage? bah, you're better off with 2nd circle spells.

Even still, those spells should at least do as much as kick which does around 35 now..

From: Sandra Wednesday, February 25, 09:49AM

To my knowledge, that spell hasn't changed at all recently. The extra bit of 'lag' you had could be normal lag? After casting it myself 12 times to test it(on a mob), I've at most had a 3 round wait. The majority were 2 rounds.

From: Mandrake Thursday, February 26, 05:05AM

hmm, weird.. it happened twice in a row.

No wonder Arsene beat me up the duel before :)


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