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Posted by Warke on 02/26

It seems silly to me that an augment with 99 spi has 1/5th the healing power of an augment with 100 spi. Any way to scale the augments (and poultices) so that they are scaled according to the amount of spirit you have? And maybe have mind added to that for extra benefits or something :P

Warke, the senile druid

From: Celia Thursday, February 26, 03:52AM

That sounds like a good idea.

To scale it I mean. That magic difference between 99 and 100 is like when you used to get 1/3rd less attacks when you lost a point of fighting stat.


From: Arsene Thursday, February 26, 05:09AM

Yeah seems augemtning is a relic of the old days. -miss 100dex-


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