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blinding arrows

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Posted by Mandrake on 03/09

I don't understand how tulsi's were found to be overpowered at 5-6k rent with 10 charges thus reduced to be not worth using at all while now we have a similar thing only you don't need to even be in the same room, it's like 500 rent for practically unlimited charges and also has a chance to ID, stun or bash.

I'm not saying blinding arrows should be ripped but there's just no consistancy here.

From: Dudley Thursday, February 26, 09:35PM

I remember reading somewhere in the LT that blindness was too powerful and that there was consideration of it being rewritten.

Now, if it was that powerful, it's funny that access to this spell was made more easy through dip. I guess we are taking an approach where we will make everyone able to blind and stuff. Honestly, dip should cost mana and even mv every time it is performed, and have skill lag. Maybe it migh t be possible to code different skill lags depending on whether an arrow was dipped or not.

I mean, relinquishing a stat slot is quite a disadvantage, but that make s every sniper a spell caster who can have a chance to do damage/stun/slot h/disarm the same time he/she can cast blind/dispel/weaken, etc.

Maybe we should have all str weapons have a chance to ID when we hit damcap or something :)

From: Zak Friday, February 27, 12:02AM

I think a good step toward balancing things, even though not a complete solution would be to allow people to quaff vials when blind that are in their inventory (not just held ones)... I think Dudley had this suggestion as well at the bottom of one of his posts somewhere


From: Mandrake Friday, February 27, 05:08AM

Mmm, yeah.. I'd kind of like to be able to manipulate items with #.something in inventory and initiate combat with kill #.somebody where mobs and pc's are displayed but not recognizeable.

From: Zeppelin Friday, February 27, 06:35AM

Good idea mandrake. How about doing anyskill blind, using #.somebody? I mean if you kick a mob, too bad, and if you kick the attacker, good for you. If skills work, spells should to. It would be like fightin a more life like battle if you couldnt see. If your blind, and someone stabs you, your about as likely to kick them as anyone in the room. Unles you have a idea as to where they are, ie 3.somebody.

Just my thoughts...


From: Arsene Friday, February 27, 07:08AM

or better yet, take out blind totally, I use it as much as anyone, but almost everyone uses it, it just makes fighting who can rent faster or whos mana holds out, or whos shots hit, rewrite would be cool, random quaffing from the inventory, maybe it would make people pk in lesser known areas, I know I avoid tricky areas and ones near DTds becuase if blind you have to run fast or get hit by bind, and thats the most helpless feelin gin the world

From: Dudley Friday, February 27, 12:20PM

heh, wandering into dts blind sucks, but that comes with not having learne d the mud right... -sigh self-

But i honestly think blind is not that great a spell (as far as coding acc omplishments go, not of its effectiveness in pk :P)

and i certainly won't miss it when its gone.

It's also quite pointless a spell too against mobs when some mobs can even wake and hunt and backstab and do everything they want while they are blind and stuff.

Oh yeah, i noticed you couldnt bind ppl that were sleeping or something,

From: Nomad Monday, March 09, 09:37AM

My idea for a slight change in blind would be to sort of add a random approach.. Sure you can tell in your inventory what a vial is by feel, but can you tell what's in the vial? -shake- maybe if you typed quaff vial, it could quaff a random item with keyword 'vial' in your inventory, which would add a bit of ability to blind people, but offer a chance at a drawback as well.


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