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Posted by Lara on 02/27

I think we all need an attitude check here, morts and imms included. Negativity is fine provided that it is constructive criticism. It just seem to me that in a lot of cases, people get really out of hand. So what if people whine? They have a right as far as I am concerned. The person reacting has a few choices to make when doing so. First of all, when someone has a problem with a change and states it, 99% of the time, it doesn't mean that they are attacking the imm who coded/designed it directly. I noticed on Arsene's post that the only imm who responded kindly was Kaige.

On the war board downstairs, Mandrake's post was supposed to get people to think...and certain people took things personally. It's fine to disagree with someone...that's what these boards are here for...to disseminate ideas and discuss them.

As long as no one is harassing each other, I think they have the right to say what they want. Personally, I'm sick of people's attitudes since everyone takes things to the extreme. In pk, the only people who can make a change are the pkillers.

We don't need Sandra threatening to pull pk because she is tired of hearing people go back and forth about the rp/pk issue. We don't need morts flipping out on the board because they don't like changes...but we -do- need them to speak up when they think that a change isn't for the better. Change is supposed to be positive...and if we, the players, are the ones who can test the changes in code, etc. than our opinions should hold some weight.

I'm not saying that imms don't listen, but if you look at quite a few of the recent posts made by them, they certainly don't make themselves seen as approachable. Ok, not really PR imms, I don't want to overgeneralize here. All of these threats and negative attitudes toward players really don't reflect well on the administration, that's or for certain.

No one is questioning the amount of time or the hard work an imm puts in either.

On the morts side, please be a little more understanding when you post complaints.

I don't see why it's so hard to be nice to each other every now and then.

We've got morts calling each other Grendels, everybody accuses each other of cheating whether justified or not, what is up with this?

I think we all need to sit back and take a good look at ourselves.


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