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Multi-kill and code

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Posted by Ishtar on 03/01

Since the discussion re multi seems to have fizzled out on the warboard:

I remember a coding solution mentioned before but I can't recall the objections to it (there were some).

That is to have a double flag set on death, where the victim cannot be killed again, and initially cannot get their equip either (so that the winner is able to loot if they wish). eg. A 5 tick no-kill period following death. During this period, the person affected with the no-pkill flag is unable to utilise most commands other than those needed to find and get to their corpse. This prevents them from interfering in pkill (waking etc) and getting gear from their corpse during the no-pkill phase. After 1 or 2 ticks they recover the ability to use commands which allow them to get their equip, but are still prevented from interference and from being killed, leaving 3-4 ticks to get to a safe place.

The problem of taunting, spitting, while under the no-pkill flag could be solved by including socials and speech in the disabled commands so they can't do it =) This would of course hinder RP but access to channels (where swearing is already illegal could be retained for a RP response.

This flag could even be made configurable so that those who like multi and think it enhances the game would not have to suffer a violation of their right to have it done to them.

Likewise those who do not want to lose access to commands on re-entering the game could leave it off. Of course it would have to be during the 5-tick period.


From: Ishtar Sunday, March 01, 09:58AM

That last line is it would have to be toggled before death and not be toggled during the no-pkill period.

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