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spell effects and ooc

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Posted by Arsene on 03/09

Just wondering why you can go ooc with some spell affects and not others.

From: Trusty Tuesday, March 03, 02:58PM

yeah, what's up wiith that? and personally, i think unclanneds should be able to go ooc with any kinda spell efeect :P

From: Sandra Tuesday, March 03, 05:08PM

Because the OOC is just that, OOC. It was being used to prolong effects of spells, and its not meant for that use.

From: Dudley Tuesday, March 03, 07:41PM

It's still being used to prolong the life of timed eq, and whatnot. If it is really ooc, why don't we make it no-chat, no-tell as well? Also, being able to group ooc for ic purposes seem to be rather illegal too. I know it's been suggested earlier, but why not have ppl enter ooc from the menu, instead of from the game?

From: Rufus Tuesday, March 03, 08:42PM

Some affects currently aren't queriable by acts, and acts run the ooc entirely. Expect the acts system to be able to do this in the near future.


From: Laurana Thursday, March 05, 03:10PM

on that note, i have a mage that has to cast strength ic to be able to mov ooc.. seems a little bit strange but on the other hand, then you can't pic something up ooc that you can't carry ic..but i just wonder anyways..



From: Nomad Monday, March 09, 09:43AM

One idea I have about ooc is perhaps whois should be unusable while ooc? I know certain people, not mentioning names, that go ooc first thing when they enter the game, then check who all is on that could be a potential threat, then go ic later after lots of whois use .. Just seems as another use of ooc for ic

From: Mandrake Monday, March 09, 02:22PM

Hmm, i usually go OOC first thing on entering the game but you don't see me lingering there long or renting out.

I've a bad memory, I just do it to be sure I'm not at 5 hps, encumbered etc and to see where I've rented :)

Another major factor is I don't know how lagged I am, I often hit 1 to enter the game and wait like 10 seconds before anything happens and well, if there's any threat at the inn, I'm probably worse off anyway as they'll be just spamming away to whack me when i return. :)

From: Mandrake Monday, March 09, 02:29PM

Oh yeah.. I never use whois anyway.. I use whos just before I go OOC, if there's nobody to attack (as there usually isn't) I just read the boards.



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