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Posted by Dudley on 03/05

Is currently a non-agg spell in PK. Which means, an invis pkchar can cast immolate on a char without see-invis, or cast it after blinding the target, without the risk of getting involved at all.

Of course, being non-agg, the caster can follow the target as well.

Given that 100mind immolates do roughly 60-70 damage and that you can cast about 7 of them, that gives 100mind 3rd cause mages a 490pt head start. Even with 100con hps, that only leaves roughly 80 pts to play with. 80 points are not that hard to get rid of no matter what kind of a mage you are, so there is no way for warriors to combat this, especially when bound/blinded.

I reported this a bit ago after managing to go ooc from Raskolnikov's immolate, but today's invis/immo tells me that this has yet to be fixed. Just putting it up here so all you coders can get real busy :)


From: Sandra Thursday, March 05, 08:58AM

Ok, I had Mandrake and Guapo test this for me. The spell is indeed agg. What happens is there is a pulse between the spell going off and the first fight round going through. The castor DOES go vis, so following the victim won't do much since the victim will attack a second later and they'll no longer be followed. that pulse at the beginning is what enables people to rent or go ooc before the fight actually starts.

This being said, I'll see what we can do to reduce that bit of lag before fighting starts.

From: Lagmonster Thursday, March 05, 05:29PM

I had the spell cast on me numerous times, and watched it being cast on others. It does not agg, and it does not make the caster go vis, as rasko managed to immolate chavez staying invis and i had to wait for him to kick chavez in order to come vis.

I know it is agg on mobs, and it maybe so on imms, but it ain't so on players... unless of course it's all because of the lag but still, some ppl manage to stay invis after casting it, and i would i would like to know when all that gets fixed


From: Sandra Thursday, March 05, 06:31PM

I didn't use mobs, and I didn't use immortals to test it. Mandrake and Guapo were the ones that tested this for me. Each time Mandrake cast it he went visible, there was a slight lag, then combat started. I'm not saying that I don't believe what you saw, but at this moment I can't reproduce it.

However, Ea! is aware of the post.


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