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When hell freezes over

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Posted by Stick on 03/07

There's something that's been bugging me more and more..

I play around in hell quite a lot, helping people acquire certain things, and at the spot where Plutus pushes you off the cliff, I NEVER tumble. I used to tumble about 60% of the times, if not more, but since November or so, I haven't tumbled a single time.

I've seen people with about the same stats as I have tumble repeatedly, so I'm starting to wonder if there's something buggy with my character...

Has anyone else had this problem?


From: Lagmonster Friday, March 06, 12:18PM

No, but i had trouble with the Egil trans and leaving my desc on. LIke, he'll either never give my [censorred] back, or nothing will ha ppen after i [something[] from it.

From: Eol Friday, March 06, 10:43PM

yeah, but I only got 40 dex and a - besides tumble, cant quite afford to switch to dex wiht these new skills -sniff-

From: Mandrake Saturday, March 07, 12:36AM

Sure would help if Egil could see invis..

From: Stick Saturday, March 07, 09:24PM

Ok, to clarify, I do have 100 dex.


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