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Posted by Beam on 03/09

Has anyone considered making it so, that when moving through rooms at night, you got a message telling you if you saw any light in the adjacent rooms. ie You see light coming from the North, South, and East. This could be made so that you only got the messages if you werent using a light. A lot of people use a light all of the time, and might be a neat way to encourage removing lights, under certain conditions, and could reward good knowledge of the mud, and would also get people more used to being blind. Comments Welcome.


From: Solomon Sunday, March 08, 09:41AM

There is in fact something like this planned, altho I don't believe you have to remove your light to see adjacent lights.

From: Aeolus Sunday, March 08, 03:31PM

Speaking of lights.... could you make some items light up the room even if it is not held? I'm referring particularily to the bonfire near Laibon... which.. although glowing.. doesn't seem to light the room at all. And I'm sure there can be other items which could provide light even if left on the ground.... !:)

-- Aeolus

From: Ea! Sunday, March 08, 09:41PM

Yep -- one of the changes to lights that we're working on is to make glowing lights glow...


From: Nomad Monday, March 09, 09:46AM

I think if someone has a light in the next room you can see the room desc in exits ;)


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