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coder imms.. read this and TRY to explain

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Posted by Dune on 03/11

ok.. we all agreed that getting blinded by blinding arrows every round was just as bad if not worst as blinding wormys. So... the solution is to lower the cast level on the blind that the arrows cast.. so that magic sink stops more of them.

Does it really make sense to give mages... the ones that could actually cure themselves of the blind the protection... and leave non-mages.... JUST as vunerable to blinding arrows?

Arent nonmages the ones that needed the protection the most?

Im completely boggled.


From: Nym Monday, March 09, 05:03PM

-nod Dune-

I don't understand it either..

Perhaps lower the percentage of the spell taking hold instead of lowering cast levels...


From: Rufus Monday, March 09, 06:17PM

How about I answer it from a building perspective. I removed the blind potion from ireland. It'll be in next time we update areas.


From: Dune Monday, March 09, 06:38PM

thats interesting... so now there are no blind potions in tara? what about all the ones that exsist already? people who dip arrows one by one instead of dipping the quiver can use the blind potion forever.

Also. removing the blind potion once again hurt non-mages.. cause all the non-mages that werent shooters used them to throw against mages... so maybe this isnt the best solution? make blind potions undipable for the time being.. until the area update that you are talking about?

hm.. maybe I misunderstood.. is the blind potion really gone?


From: Dudley Monday, March 09, 06:46PM

IMHO blinding arrows were just one of the few methods a non-mage could get even with a mage on one of the most effective spells in pk (because it removes initiative and the caster gains the offensive)

Why not get rid of that stinking spell altogether?

From: Dudley Monday, March 09, 07:54PM

Blind has only one way of being stopped, and that's through a sink. When cast, it forces pretty much anyone to do one of the following, which is either rent out, cast cure blind, or quaff whatever they were holding. By the time this is done, of course, the caster can just throw another blind, and it either becomes a mana fight or fight for whoever gets tired first... If we chose to stay blind, the fight is initiated whenever the other chooses, and that's pretty much all they need to win. The spell barely does anything to mobs other than prevent maybe leaping in defense and stuff, yet in pk it pretty much makes a player into a mob, taking away the initiative and all. Why not get rid of it? Or at least just in pk? To my knowledge it also affects ac by a ton.. we could have it do different things, maybe just keep the crashing part or something.

From: Arsene Monday, March 09, 08:03PM

either take out blind entirely or leave ti the way it was, cause mages hav e too many advantages as it is, they can stop it cure it and cast it, nad and it forces one to run rent, or get slaughtered. why jerk it form us and leave it to mages?

From: Mandrake Tuesday, March 10, 04:38AM

Hmm, don't forget it's one of the main reasons one would choose cause over create. (especially if 2nd circle). I just wonder if it would balance the types of clanned mages or we'd end up with create replacing cause as the dominant chars in pkill.

-shrug- would be interesting to see.

From: Ea! Tuesday, March 10, 09:46AM

First off, the main reason that the cast level of arrows dipped in blind potions was reduced significantly was not for magic sinks, it was for duration of the blind.

Secondly, I've reduced the duration even further. Hopefully this will make it less unbalancing. This new reduction includes the spell cast by cause mages as well as any arrows that are dipped from potions.


From: Ea! Tuesday, March 10, 09:48AM

Oh, and it will be in next code update, probably on Friday.


From: Mondain Tuesday, March 10, 01:39PM

How about the create spell 'blinding flash' be the only blinding spell in the game. As mandrake said, "its one of the main reasons one would choose cause over create"

Create is obviously the bad version of the two, this would easily even the two out, but keep things interesting due to the area affect of blinding flash. Blind is too powerful in pkill.

From: Cran Tuesday, March 10, 02:24PM

How about keep the blinding arrows, keep the mage blinds and even put the old version tulsi back in BUT make the chance of failing to blind someone quite considerable instead of the current nofail. Possibly mages should have a better chance to succeed than blinding arrows since they expend mana to blind. Then ALL chartypes can blind if they want to. In addition do the other things suggested - make the duration of blinds less and reduce the effect it has on ac etc.

From: Dudley Tuesday, March 10, 03:09PM

The main problem (or advantage) with mages are that most of their spells are unstoppable, regardless of whatever stat you might have, with the exception of mind-based spells.

However, fighters skills can be easily countered by having, more often than not, just one stat.

I guess that is the benefit of being a mage, but it would be interesting to see what would happen if EEVERY spell had a stat to check, be it perception, mind, spirit, constitution, and whatnot.

Currently, all a mage has to know is whether or not the other person is a mage or not in order to formulate a strategy of some kind. Unless that ot her person is exactly like the mage in question, there is nothing more to be thought about, you simply use the same tactics (just about) against the chars in question, and all you have to be good at is that one strategy.

Granted that such should be the case for most characters, as they all should have an advantage for them to use over others, but currently, with the hyper-powered tumble (it terally prievents skills from doing squat.. chances of landing landing a tumble-able skill on a char with tumble is rather low) that is not the case.

With skills and char types that can't be tumble-able being skills that one has practically no defense over than matching them stats, it becomes clear that all you would ever want is dex and spoells, or dex and snipe. THe over powered blind spell, of course, is given to both of these character types. Hrm.

To combat this, i think the chances of tumble should be reduced, much like (where a tumble was, at least in my fights, very rare) and blind removed. THat will only be a start, of course, since mages and snipers still have fight skills that are guaranteed to hit their mark, but it's a start...

From: Dudley Wednesday, March 11, 05:36PM

regarding the yanking filmy thing.

uhm, was that like a warning to stock up now while you can?


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