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Posted by Arsene on 03/12

Just going to ask what was its purpose, and has it accomplished that purpose. We were told that fighters were amassing too much dex/str/con.

The mind req hasnt stopped that, merely made it only slightly harder.

Fact is most were cutting perception and spirit, using mostly the same gear to arrive at their high con str dex totals, all this mind req has done is made them reduce a stat down 3or 4 points, and get 25 mind instead of the 15-20 they had before and dropping perc down to 4 or 5.

Using all the availible minus perc and spirit equipment on the mud its easy to get 3 100s a 25 , then a 10-15 spr and 5 or less perc.

The mind req has not accomplished diminishing these characters, all it has done is place a burden on characters who are more balanced in stats, and pushing them to 25 or 35 mind, depending on whether or nto you prefer to constantly rent.

Its time to reevaluate this req, especially since it has not accomplished what we were told it was supposed to do.

From: Dudley Thursday, March 12, 08:00PM

I disagree, and I think the mind requirement overdid its job. Granted that it did not stop fighters with 3 100 stats, but if that was the intent, i am sure there would have been higher requirements as anyone could do the math and figure that even with a 25 mind req, 3 100 stats are still possible.

The job it did, however, is to make such characters even more unwieldy. Even before the mind req, ppl knew that to get 3 100 char, they had to sacrifice hunt. And in pk, that means giving up initiative. I am fine wi th that, since i don't usually start a fight, but it is a great disadvantage.

The mind requirement means that in addition to the inability to hunt, it only takes one idiocy spell to reduce our damage by 50%.

Since no spells check anything other than mind or the presence of a sink, this means that mages got one more spell to use handily against fighters.

Spells being unstoppable by fighters (other than an occasional stun tumble from snipers) what all this means is that no matter what kind of stats you amass, there is always going to be more than one spell that can reduce you to a mob that comes after the attacker.

Fighters have virtually no skills that can be applied to mages unchecked, as all a mage needs is dex, dex, and more dex.

Of the combat skills available to non-snipers (bash, headbutt, elbow, kick choke, warcry) a third of them can be tumbled, and another third depends o n dex, and the rest either hurts the person attempting the skill, or is far too unreliable to be worried about--especially now that stuns don't last.

Of the spells available to a mage... only one spell has the slightest chan ce of being dodged by a fighter, and the rest are guaranteed hits other th an the rare fails.


I don't think so. With the addition of bind and the newfound prominence of idiocy, plus the increased chance to tumble (not sure, but i sure see a lot more tumbles than i did in the old system), it really doesnt take much 'skill' to kill a fighter.

The least that could be done is to either lift or reduce the mind req even more (5 mind for basic. hah.) or to implement a check on spells OTHER than skill failure, sink, and mind.

Bind may then become mind vs. str, immolate mind vs. con, lava flow mind vs. dex, etc.

Spells already have no-backfire guarantee which more than makes up for them using up mana.

Of course, if mana usage is such a great deal, we could have kicks and bas shes take mana--but make them unstoppable unless you have the stat.

I personally, of course, won't care too much when all this balancing gets done, as the system is slightly more friendly to fighters than it was before. But unless things get changed, I would doubt I'd be clanning anything other than a mage or a sniper, and lack of variety in pk really doesnt speak well for any mud.


From: Arsene Thursday, March 12, 08:51PM

Heh, as a sniper, Id clan a str mage or a dex/str next personally.


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