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Posted by Terrizano on 03/15

It constantly amazes me how we mages are "constantly overpowered" and stat spells "never fail, or have a rare fail". Especially coming from characte amassed 3 100 stats while neglecting everything. I would hope that if you neglect a stat that you should have severe problems, especially in pkill.

I think that they should have a min requirement of 25 in ALL stats to be a effectively. Call me a madman if you want, but if you want to balance thi by balancing yourself, for how can you make a comparison if your not balan That Allah freak,

Terrizano -- the Dark Mage of Allah

From: Arsene Friday, March 13, 12:33AM and mages shouldnt have warrior skills either, but this is a classless mud, and yes mages have too many debilitating tactics

From: Dudley Friday, March 13, 12:54AM I would suggest you try making a 3 100 stat char, and try how it fares against dex mages in pk

And while we are at the subject of balance TUMBLE- one skill, and HOW MANY things does it prevent?

SINK one spell, how many other spells and skills (dip) can it prevent?>?

Give me one equivalent fighter skill that has such power

From: Dudley Friday, March 13, 12:58AM While we are at being able to 'neglect' other stats. A dex mage can practically 'neglect' all other stats other than mind and dex and be immune to every single skill/spell in the game other than elbow and warcry, both of which are utterly unreliable anyway.

Granted sniping/backstabbing is an exception, but it seems nobnobody's immune to that anyway.


I amassed 3 100 stats, and i am 'immune' to most combat skills. BUT, i am still very vulnerable to spels, and i had to sacrifice a LOT for the limited immunity i got.

From: Mandrake Friday, March 13, 01:11AM Hey, dex mages are choke bait, works on them most the time as i just found out earlier today.

As far as other things are concerned, fighters shouldn't be as good as mages as they're a lot easier to build.

From: Rufus Friday, March 13, 01:17AM Question... since when is tumble a mage skill?


From: Mandrake Friday, March 13, 01:16AM Oh and being vulnerable to spells isn't such a big deal, if a cause mage casts immolate on you for example, they're only doing damage to themselves, it's like sacrificing his own hps to reduce yours by a similar amount when he could have used a skill instead and been a lot better off overall.

Kinda whacky, perhaps that needs looking into. Something like 25 mana for 50 hps damage would make it worthwhile.

From: Dudley Friday, March 13, 12:23PM The problem i have is with dex mages.

Cure critical should be looked into, dex fighters with nearly 1k hps doesnt seem too much fun to play against.

As far as spells go, it's not the damage i am worried about, it's the stupid blind/bind/clumsy/weaken and all that other that i am worried about, it's mostly blind, bind and other debilitating sp spells that fighters have no defense against.

As far as mages being harder to make, that may be the case solo, but since quite a few chars are just being churned out, i don't think that's such a big deal.

Besides, mages aren't that much harder to build compared to bulding, say, a druid or a surgeon and it's not like they get to reap a whole \lot of be cause they are hard to build

From: Carnal Friday, March 13, 02:48PM here's a somewhat simple solution: get better strategy. anybody can be beaten no matter how good their char is. plus, if they have an powerful manufactured 3 100 fighter, or one of those mages that could stun since level 3 & has 600+ mana, it's alot more fun to kick the crap out of em and you can gloat more cuz you did it the hard way. More power to the inventive people!

-Carnal Infatuation, more interested in good tactics than stats.

From: Dudley Friday, March 13, 07:41PM unfortunate to say, most 'strategies' offered to non-mage chars mostly involve dexterity or perception, and there are very few options for those that fit into neither category.

Sure, we could have everyone become a dex char of some sort, but i think there should be viable options to con or str fighters without the capability of casting spellsl

From: Lara Saturday, March 14, 10:26AM well, here's an option...if you are part of a clan and you are doing regular fighting (not one on one dueling), why not get a 100 mind mage in your clan to cast magic sink on you?

From: Wraith Sunday, March 15, 08:33AM

There was another append to this thread. Unfortunately, I erased it by accident. I have no idea who wrote it or what it was about. If was yours, you have my apologies and please repost your comments.

- Wraith


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