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Posted by Rufus on 03/16

Is staying. End of discussion.


From: Dudley Friday, March 13, 12:28PM

NO, rufus, that's NOT the end of a discussion.

What you are doing is promoting hostility between imms and plaers, buy simply shutting off discussion.

Maybe a better approach is to discuss the reasons behind the mind req and why it stays.

But if you could think that far, doubt you'd have the reputation you have anyway. As far as I am concerned,

of all the imms on this MUD, you are the least 'imm-like' in the way you handle player relations... but then again, that's not your job.

From: Eol Friday, March 13, 12:34PM

wow, something totally mindless goes in, it sucks, and since we dont want to look like we backed down, its not going out.

such great policy.

From: Dudley Friday, March 13, 12:36PM

Mindless? hope that wasn't a pun

From: Dryden Friday, March 13, 03:43PM

Frankly, it doesn't bother me to have a mind req. Makes sense if you think about it realisticly. But there should also be perc requirements at the very least. Spir reqs would be nice also, but possibly harder to justify.

From: Dudley Friday, March 13, 04:52PM

if you thought about it 'realistically,' nothing here makes any sense. we're not talking realism here, just game balance.

From: Dryden Friday, March 13, 07:18PM

I mean for realism as well as game balance, having a perc requirement makes sense. I'm not disputing that other areas shouldn't be adjusted as well, but a perc requirement should be there also.

From: Dudley Friday, March 13, 07:31PM

the way i see it regarding any requirement is this: make it a requirement that mages don't already have by simply maintaining their spells.

Also, when we talk about perception requirement, and if set similar to the current mind requirement, all it will do is mandate hunt among every player.

I chose explicitly not to have hunt or the option to have hunt, as well as the steal skill to clan a character that was virtually non-agg. And most people who choose to make 3 100 chars already sacrifice some of the most useful non-combat skills in the mud.

That i think is enough a sacrifice, especially since damroll doesnt really do as much as it should with the reduced pk damage (think about it, hps aren't reduced, but if damage is, in pk, hp differences are increased, and str fighters lose the ability to compensate for that difference, as damroll only does much when there is enough damage being done in the first place)

If we are going to implement another non-sensical requirement designed to debilitate fighters, we should have all combat skills require 80+ stat in the primary stat and 50+ in the secondary. Moreover, there should be skills not accessible to anyone that can cast spells, such as skills requiring at least 70 on the 3 combat skills.

As of now, spellcasters have access to any skill they wish, and in somecases they have access to every combat skill.

Although i don't think fighters should be able to reproduce the effects of every single spell, i don't think that should be the case for mages either.

From: Arsene Monday, March 16, 05:01PM

yeah well if we have to have a mind req and it makes sense, why do mages have access to and the same proficiency at fight skills we do.


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