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Guns vs. Bows

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Posted by Elandria on 03/15

Granted I am a mage, but from what I have seen guns are much weaker then bows, for 1 you can use a bow from any hometown, without neededing to spend any pracs although it is nessecary to make it worthwhile, and bows also have the ability to be dipped. Giving them a huge obvious advantage over guns. So what I suggest are 2 things, make dip require a prac, I mean everything else does, mix potion parry etc. so why shouldn't dip, also make a skill for bows similar to gunplay so not any old joe can pick up a bow and use it while gun users need to waste a prac for it. And 2. I propose a new skill for gun users something along the lines of a called shot. The skill would let them leg aim for example binding the target, or arm aim which could weaken or make them drop their weapon, etc. This would make guns alot more appealing since as of right now people using bows can cast quite a few debilating spells such as weaken/clumsy/idiocy/blind and do damage at the same time with dipped arrows.

Of course the imms will have some reason why this is not fair or too tough to code as usual, but I just felt I should put in my ideas towards balance

From: Dudley Friday, March 13, 04:54PM

I agree dip should cost a practice, and i think it's realistic (hah. scratch that and put 'more balancing') to give it some stat req, probably along the lines of brew, so dumb snipers (not players, chars) can't dip infinite number of single arrows mid-combat.

As far as guns go, if they didn't blow up, they're pretty good, as reloading and stuff takes time. No need for called shots, that'll way overpower guns.

From: Lara Saturday, March 14, 10:30AM

I agree...I think dip should cost a practice and have some sort of stat requirement

From: Mandrake Sunday, March 15, 11:20AM

It's only because blind is so powerful that bows seem better and blind's bound to change sooner or later. In the meantime guns do more damage/shot and you can fire them every round also giving more chances of setting the target on its butt while bows can only fire every 2nd round cos of the new reload lag. Why don't ya use a bow for the spell effect then switch to a gun? :)

From: Eol Sunday, March 15, 04:32PM

bows do lag, and dip isnt the easiest thing in the world to do, especially if you cant brew yourself, eeping ammo, and Imy sniper can only carry 12 rounds or so. Its not hard to take on a bow fighter, the lag on bows is longer than a gun, then you have reload lag on top of that. asa for maing it require stats, you have to get the potion first, thats where the stat comes in, or money , or knowledge, and it taes 80 perc and some other disadavantages to even hit with a bow, they jam about 15-20 per cent, and anyone with dodge and dex, dodges a fair amount and a lot miss, even on 5 aim, compared to a gun.

Basically its blind cast on people who panic and dont know their way around to rent, symptom of the large number of inexperienced nowledge lacking 50s this system has created.

From: Lori Sunday, March 15, 06:14PM

This system hasn't produced knowledge-less 50's, people leveling newer players that haven't had the time to experience things themselves and get used to the mud is what created them.

As for bows vs guns, the skill lag on the bow(including the reload lag), makes the gun do 2 times the damage a bow does in a 2 round period, making up for the lack of being able to dip bullets.

While dip is cool, and being able to throw those affects on players/mobs, the lack of skill lag on guns is also good for the extra damage(2 shots in 2 rounds instead of 1). To me, they seem to be fairly averaged out.

From: Joachim Sunday, March 15, 07:57PM

does anyone know for a fact that bows do any of the things they're claimed to? I've heard differently, perhaps maybe an imm could clear up whether guns:

1) do more damage

2) shoot more often

3) hit more often


4) jam less? I've heard it both ways, but my guns jam and miss all the time, (or they do on the rare occasions I play) in addition to blowing up (which is a real pain), and I just was wondering...


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