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Posted by Arsene on 03/20

Yanking the vials ranks up there with the same moves as downgrading tulsis, just another reminder that this is cause mage mud.

From: Arsene Tuesday, March 17, 11:02AM

Lets not hear about how fighters shouldnt have mage spell effects UNTIL mages dont have fighter fighting abilities. you just said how you arent going to stop to correct 'small' imbalances till trees, and now just make yourselves look unbelievable and oblivious of what you are doing again.

From: Wraith Tuesday, March 17, 04:52PM

Removing potions from resets is a minor change. It does not in any way prevent you from obtaining potions with those affects. It simply increases the difficulty in getting them.

- Wraith

From: Rufus Tuesday, March 17, 07:59PM

Like cuch's shield, the vials will go back in when I get time to modify a few things to balance them.

From: Arsene Tuesday, March 17, 11:42PM

You cant get potions that DIP that affect, the only other blind potion dips as weaken.

balance them, whats wrong with them? sinks stop them a majority of the time anyways, and blind still lasts too long.

From: Terrizano Wednesday, March 18, 02:08AM

I don't think I've ever heard Arsene say a nice word? Its always "fighter are screwed but mages rock" well as a mage, I doubt like hell that I can mob fight nearly as well as a fighter with certain exclusions but you don't see me up here whining incessantly at every opprotunity. Arsene, this is a game, remember that. If you can't distinguish a attack to your characters, from an attack to your rl person, perhaps you should take a break and find the ability.

that's the way I see it. Feel free to flame away, as I know you will.

Terrizano -- the Dark Mage of Allah

From: Celia Wednesday, March 18, 06:47AM

Certainly I am not clanned, but I can say that as a str/con/dex fighter, even without 3 100 stats, I can solo every mob my mage characters can, and more, with the exception of the few really low mind ones, and level in about 1/25th the time.

It must be hard to balance characters for pkill and mob fighting at the same time. I think they are pretty well balanced, on the whole.


From: Dudley Wednesday, March 18, 11:54AM

No doubt i can do serious damage in mob killing, but it is rather interesting how that does not translate into pk ability. It just makes me think that all the nifty changes in pk (reduced damage, etc) are simply there to favor one type of chars.

And although i might be able to solo more mobs, i sure as hell spend more time healing--and i only excel in the company of a healer. Mage chars, in my experience, don't need nobody--root, cure crit, or roots, and they're set for mob 2.

Mob killing is balanced imho, for ppl who design group chars and for ppl who design solo chars.

Of course, in pk, group chars become wolfpack chars, and solo chars become the almighty duellers.

Maybe we should simply rethink about this whole whining about wolfpack deal, and set a convention that a mage should be able to fight 2 fighters at once? :P

From: North Wednesday, March 18, 09:38PM

heh, do you really think it's easy to beat up on mobs Dudley? I have to make a gimp to tank for me, wait around for mana, then go out and fight. Even the lowly ticket seller takes from 200-300hps outta me if I fought solo. I'd bet that isn't quite the case with you ah well. And about your convention that mages become the insides of a fighter sandwich? Well, gee...as long as the fighters could only do half the damage, land half the hits, and get two times the skill lag on combat skills I'd say that would be fair.

From: Mandrake Wednesday, March 18, 10:09PM

Mmm, I can only kill a few mobs before I have to meditate for 15 mins or so, kinda makes me want to switch to 2nd circle for root. It was also a lot faster to first aid when I was last a fighter.. The drum thing's hardly worthwhile too since it was changed. I don't bother with it despite wasting a prac for play.

Ahh well, at least I have a TV next to me :P

From: Mandrake Thursday, March 19, 03:08AM

Did i say 15 mins? i meant 25-30 mins..

bleh, I keep dying cos i'm too impatient to heal right up first..

From: Laurana Thursday, March 19, 03:22PM

In my experience it's damn hard to get past the first 15 levels or more with a mage on your own..


From: Dudley Thursday, March 19, 04:34PM

-pshrug- unless you are looking to get the best spell levels possible, trying to get stun or sink at lvl 3, it's not really that bad.

But of course, it IS a LOT slower than lvling a dex/perc or a str/con (at least for me :P), but then again i don't play with mages much.

From: Scum Friday, March 20, 04:08AM

I had to wait for incense for 3-4 hours then had to wait for the vya teacher for 5-6 hours then the the ksi teacher for 4-5 hours. Making a mage is horrible!


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