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Posted by LadyAce on 03/19

As Head of Player Relations, part of my job is to look at player-immortal relations.

I'm speaking in defense of my colleagues on the immortal staff. Some players have chosen to go out of their way to kick us around, treat us with contempt, insult our honest efforts, and generally behave immaturely. That kind of behavior is absolutely not welcome here. A pattern of mistreatment of immortals DOES qualify as harassment, and I am more than willing to enforce that rule. For those of you with this prediliction, consider this post to be your only non-official warning.

Well-reasoned, well-intentioned, and above all respectful comments and criticisms are always welcome. We have weekly Q & A sessions for the express purpose of taking your comments and explaining our policies. We read all our mail. We read all the boards.

It is absolutely not true that we don't listen to your comments and complaints. Most immortals spend the entirety of their time while logged in helping or listening to players -- that's our job. To claim that we don't listen is not only untrue, it is disrespectful and ungracious.

In terms of fighter-magic discrepancies:

We have on numerous occasions agreed that this problem exists, and we have stated that we're working on it.

Some of these problems are addressed in skill trees. Unfortunately, many of our coders are demoralized because players are consistently rude to them. After all, who wants to work for people who simply kick you around in return? It makes no sense to alienate the only people who can address your complaints, and yet many players do just that.

No one likes negative motivation, especially volunteers. And it does not work. Think about it before you throw your anger into posts. Far too many players call names first and think afterwards. I expect better of all of you than that.

An in-between plan, i.e. pre-skill-trees, is currently being developed by the imm staff to address precisely the problems that these threads are discussing. We'll post more details later, but look for these changes to be in soon.

I say these things not to single out any player, the problem is wider than that. I'm not trying to tell you that imms are perfect or that I expect players to be. But this discussion on the mind req has gotten way out of hand. I will not sit by and allow players to tear the staff apart.

There is a point where you have to realize that those with authority are bound to exercise it in the way they think best -- bound by both duty and the fact that they care -- and sometimes you really do have to decide to live with it.

With sincere love for each player and immortal here,



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