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an interesting idea...

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Posted by Aeolus on 03/23

Hmmm... I was just thinking...

mebbe to resolve the blind problem... blind could be reduced to a 2-3 round effect, and fighters could be given a blinding effect skill such as throwing sand into a person's or something...

This would "even out" blind in the sense that it'll become something like stun... where both mages and fighters have very easy access to it.

Dunno... mebbe 23 tylenols made me hallucinate =P

but... whatcha all think?:)

-- Aeolus

From: Vajrapani Friday, March 20, 12:24AM

Blind is a cheap, effective spell, that eliminates almost every option to the blinded unless the effect is countered with.

Blinding daggers are history due to their power, tulsi's have been rendered useless, and filmy's have been yanked. The spell still remains. The only logical step now would be to remove the blind spell, with the possible exception of blinding flash, as it has more interesting strategic value in terms of game play.

The other way to counter this would be, of course, to have blind be accessible to every character type, be it a blinding poultice or a blinding warcry.

With stuns and paras reduced for the sake of more interesting pk (and damage) I don't see what the reasoning behind keeping blind.

We removed it from weapons, wands, and arrowbecause we knew the imbalance of those effects.

Why not get rid of it altogether?

From: Mondain Friday, March 20, 01:25AM

remove blind completly except for brewed plants and the blinding flash spell. That sounds like an excellent idea to me.

From: North Friday, March 20, 02:22AM

heh, why keep the plants? for the fighters? =P

From: Azrael Friday, March 20, 05:36AM

Personally, I thik the blind skill (whatever) is a better idea than removing the blind spell.

From: Ishtar Friday, March 20, 06:26AM

If it is going to be removed it should be removed for all character types, IMO. Personally I think it would be better to downgrade it substantially so it lasts only a certain number of pulses, like stun.

After all, blind does not render one as helpless as stun, since you can still fight back somewhat, you can run (if not bound) and there are ways to cure it- whereas you can do absolutely nothing at all when stunned. Admittedly stun is based on stat comparison, but no one type of character can be immune to all types (except maybe con mages (?)). Anyway, I can't see the rationale for removing it altogether while stun is still used.

If it lasted only a few rounds, the power would be substantially weakened.


From: Ea! Friday, March 20, 09:08AM

This idea has come up a lot before -- and we're seriously considering it. However, there is a lot of overhead with updating things every pulse instead of just on the ticks (which is why it was never done before), we experimented with stun. I'm not sure if the extra slow-down that would be created by doing something similar with blind would be viable.

We're still considering the idea, however.


From: Dudley Friday, March 20, 05:55PM

How about giving blind the disorient effect?

From: Dryden Friday, March 20, 06:23PM

Like being able to see things still, but when you try to move, you end up going different directions because you're disoriented and other things like that?

From: Somar Saturday, March 21, 03:06PM

Tell you what.. get all your stats to the stats a mage needs to blind, and I'll be the first to back you up in getting you a blind skill! Sacrifice any skills from hometowns besides tara and agrabah, and you have my support!

If you want to have a blind skill, just be a mage, it's the simple solution.. It's a powerful spell, but it doesn't entirely prevent you from doing anything, contrary to popular belief.

Explore the options before you just whine about everything being 'too powerful'

From: Mandrake Saturday, March 21, 11:09PM

Stop suggesting it be ripped, blind's good blind's fun!

It just sucks to not be able to cure blind..

So, either go with the #.something/#.sombody thing or if that's too hard, make a quick fix to quaff so you don't need to be holding the vial and perhaps add a cheaper option to the 500 rent potions, maybe a 3-5 quaff potion for 1k rent or something.

Otherwise a drink container that cures? Just need to modify drink for it to work without a target and make it so you can't drink while fighting.

From: Aeolus Sunday, March 22, 04:43AM

Hey Somar.. I AM a fighter/ cause mage, and I DO have the stats for all of my words =P

I'm just saying that if blind seems unbalanced... (which a lot of people think) then a solution may be to make it a commodity.

That way, very few will have grounds to gripe, since they too are able to utilize this special effect. (as readily as others that is)


From: Lethargio Monday, March 23, 04:00AM

my tactic is flee/shooting...therefore, blind does render me helpless :P

maybe making that cure blind container thing, and also raising the blind mana expense would do the job.


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