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Posted by Mandrake on 03/26

People mentioned they could no longer make 1000 hp titans when cuch's shield was ripped. How come these things are based on the casters hps? I mean why should a con mages titans etc be so much better than that of a dex mage?

From: Azrael Monday, March 23, 06:18AM

Because con mages are icky doody heads of course.

From: Siachet Monday, March 23, 06:19AM

It would be so much fun if doppels & titans had hps based on what they are wearing (ie you could equip them with con gear to raise their hps).

I expect that would be an impossible request, but it just seems amusing to contemplate :)

But it does seem rather odd that people can spam gear to make a doppel with more hps, and that the con mage gets a better one.


From: Solomon Monday, March 23, 10:16AM

Well, here's my two cents. I think titans, angels, demons, elementals, zombie, skeletons, and dancing weapons should have hp based on the mage's current mana.

Mana represents magical strength and endurance. It makes sense that a 100 mind mage would summon stronger creatures than a less accomplished mage. And it is possible to wear +mana gear to reach 750 mana or more.

By basing it on current mana rather than maximum, as a mage 'tires' they would summon weaker creatures. You could summon a titan with 750 hp, but if you then summon an elemental, its hp would reflect your magically weakened condition. Further summonings would be even weaker.

Of course, this weakens the create mage strategy of summoning a demon and a few greater elementals and crushing lots of mobs, but not by much. Rather than doing all your summoning and then meditating, you could meditate after each one if you wanted to get full-strength mobs.

This manner of calculating hp for summoned mobs would offer a slight balancing effect and convey the 'feel' that summonings are an exhausting set of spells.

From: Musashi Monday, March 23, 03:43PM

make summoned mob's hps based on current mana? well, that would be a great idea for the first mob especially for low hp create mages like myself. However, it would get tedious resting after the creation of every summoned mob.

How about lowering the cost for summoning mobs =P.

From: Renee Tuesday, March 24, 01:51AM

and if you DID rest after every summoned mob but while trying to make a golum army (cliche), they'd all be poofin away before you could use em


From: Solomon Tuesday, March 24, 06:29AM

Well, my habit as a create mage is to summon elementals first, because they last way longer, then summon the angel, which lasts much less time, then meditate for full mana and still have enough time to clobber two or three HoL mobs and maybe Wood-Eater if my hit-squad doesnt' die first. Meditating a little between each one instead of after all of them doesn't seem like a big change.

It would prevent a mage from summoning a full-strength team of power- ful mobs in a few seconds and immediately going on a rampage, which is part of my intention in making the suggestion. I think it's a good balance: you get the ability to summon mobs with up to 750 hp (based on how much +mana gear you wear) but you can't do a bunch without a little rest.

By the way, this suggestion has in no way been approved by the coders, I'm just participating in a thread with my own ideas, so there's no immediate danger of this going in. ;)

Alternatively, I would be okay with mob hp being based on caster's max mana, but I feel that current mana lends more in terms of balance and gaming feel.

From: Mandrake Tuesday, March 24, 08:40AM

Would probably be better to just set a standard (yet slightly random) hp range on them since you can always spam for 100 mind whether it's based on current mana or max mana. -shrug- a low mind mage would have charmies just as powerful as a 100 mind mage but not as many of them.

Same applies with other spells, no need to make 100 mind do more damage than 50-60 as there's still the advantage in having all that extra mana.

From: Solomon Tuesday, March 24, 07:30PM

I still live in hope that the coders will make stat spamming so diffiult so as to be nearly impossible. :)

From: Zeppelin Wednesday, March 25, 03:34PM

I think its a great idea, although I like the idea of using max mana instead of current.

Also, I think doppels should stay as they are - since they are a double of yourself.


From: Mandrake Thursday, March 26, 08:47AM

-nod zep- Dopples should remain as they are just as long as they reflect more than just hps mana etc.


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