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Posted by Vajrapani on 03/26

It was my understanding that regardless of how long prior to the combat, if it is obvious that the vials are going to be used in pk, that it was illegal for unclanneds to brew for clanned chars.

From: Kelly Wednesday, March 25, 05:17PM

Well, I was under the impression that it could happen of the vial was being bought from the brewer, even for as low as a price of 1 coin. Albeit that seems a cheap way to get the unclanned to help a clanned, if thats true, then it is a legal option for clanneds and unclanneds alike in that situation.


From: Arsene Wednesday, March 25, 11:25PM

Yeah, but I use the vials I get brewed for pk, and non pk purposes. dispel magic vs certain mobs is necessary, and see invis I keep for SL. I dont have vials brewed for just pk.

From: Dudley Thursday, March 26, 01:41PM

Not to pull your leg, but i wonder which mobs you go kill often that necessitates dispel magigic, and from all the SL runs we went to, i have never seen you actually have your own see-invis.

I just want to know what the rules and policies regarding this non-clanned brew is, so i can abide by it to its fullest extent :P


From: Sandra Thursday, March 26, 05:13PM

Well, I'll post a bit of HELP PKILL for those that can't seem to read it ;)

"Characters who are not pkill-enabled may not interfere in pkill. In other words, while only pk-enabled characters are actually able to kill another character, non-pkill-enabled characters might be able to find ways to interfeere (forinstance, by healing a participant in pkill, making him or her invisible or providing detect invisibility...)

So, in other words, get pkillers to make vials. Nonpk-enabled chars making vials for pkillers are interfering in pkill.



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