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Posted by Lethargio on 03/26

I honestly think that snipe stuns should stick longer... I get this:

You fire your 7.62mm M14 assault rifle at Shilam!

Shilam reels in pain as your shot shatters several bones.

Shilam is stunned, but will probably recover.

Shilam slowly gets back to his feet, shaking his head.

Its a weeee bit too short, I think (got 92 perc, by the way)


From: Dudley Thursday, March 26, 01:44PM

Those shots are headbutt-like shots, or just some code error, i think. When you get a 'real' stun, it says "Shilam staggers and falls to the ground, stunned." or something like that. And those stay long enough for you to flee/bs.



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