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good vs evil

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Posted by Mandrake on 04/02

When shadowlands went in and neutral/good became pretty much the only way to go, I thought well, eventually as new areas go in they'd even out a little. Well, I guess I was wrong.. Deanna put some GREAT new items in her area but at the same time made being evil almost stupid. I still can't get over how that one new evil aligned item is identical to one that already exists apart from the rent..

That really should be +con or +perc, actually +7 -2 spirit to even out with a certain shield. Then there's the horseshoe and the only +50 mana item in the game.. A bit of spam eq and a low rent head item for evil doesn't make up for all that.

From: Arsene Monday, March 30, 06:04AM

heh, I can remember when everyone was evil too. only way for a str fighter to be was evil, horshoes are a lot of upkeep, and evil has its own shield, and access to the other best footwear, and the best head item. the new low rent face gear does keep the balance fairly even.

From: Vajrapani Monday, March 30, 06:17PM

I think in general evil has decent low-rent items, and the other aligns have the nifty "wow" like ones.

But it seems that most of the time, people only care about align when they need to use a specific item, and i think there is still enough non-aligned items out there to make it pretty feasible to choose an align that scratches that one itchy spot. Mob-wise, however, i've noticed that most mobs are pretty evil or neutral, making it hard to maintain certain alignments through killing alone.

From: Mandrake Tuesday, March 31, 07:15AM

You're mad if you think they're fairly balanced.. Evil may have the best head item in the game but that's what? a couple of hundred rent cheaper than others? It's not the only +5 overall head item with that kind of AC either.

Evil has a shield, ha! it's twice the rent of the other with similar stats.. I'm not just talking about the number of evil vs good items but pointing out where there's a big difference in stats and hps for good/neutral rather than evil.

A neutral "fighter" with no use for spirit eq will currently have 5 more stat points and 50 more hps than an evil one, and yeah Arsene the horshoe can be a pain but it is meant for create mages.

From: Arsene Tuesday, March 31, 07:58AM

okay cuchullains gear is nice for a fighter, but they EAT rent, and have become better now because of the ac on the shield that shouldnt have went in, but oh well, I dont make those calls. but that gear is renty, and the cloak, is pretty useless unless you stop for tform every 4 or 5 fights.

the mana ring - yeah, being good only sucks, nothing else like it.

From: Dudley Tuesday, March 31, 02:47PM

The way i see it, you plan your gear, then your align, not vice versa.

If the gear you want is of a certain align, then become that align.

From: Arsene Tuesday, March 31, 03:48PM

true, Ive got so many people cuchullains gear while they were evil, then went and changed aligns right after, some of them even claimed they RPed as evil even after. Even some of the crowd who said the fight system, eq, and things like that were less important than the rp environment.

From: Manic Thursday, April 02, 04:24PM

Oh it seems the evil shield is no longer aligned that way.. I know I can easily switch to neutral, It's not that big a deal.. I still say it's unbalanced and I'm kinda curious why.

From: Rufus Thursday, April 02, 10:43PM

Because as areas go in we don't rebalance the entire eq system. Just wait. Evil eq will go in.



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