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Posted by Mandrake on 04/12

How does sink actually work now with that change? Does the sink strength depend on the casters or the targets mind? Also does it depend on the targets mind when he's being targetted for a spell or just his mind when sink was originally cast?

From: Scum Friday, April 10, 03:09AM

Thats funny, sink was changed after all this time only after a bunch of WITCHES were pounded by someone who spams from 25 mind for spells such as magic sink.

From: Himura Friday, April 10, 12:45PM

heh, let's headbutt all them dex witches, and let's see if tumble needs to be fixed or not. seems to be awfully hard to tumble nowadays

From: Terrizano Friday, April 10, 03:41PM

I've been a dex/mind mage for over 2 years now without a single change to eq other than some new Savannah leggings, and I complained after losing in the semi's to a 60 mind sink. I had 1/11 spells go through at 100 mind couldn't beat a 60 mind sink so I asked why. I'm glad to see that they have worked on it. Spamming for a sink or having it cast on you shou really happen anyway in my opinon. Well that's my .02.

Terrizano -- the Dark Mage of Allah

From: Ea! Friday, April 10, 11:52PM

Just to clarify how it works: it depends both on the castor's mind as the time of the casting of sink as well as their spell level and the victim of the sink's mind at the time they are targeted with a spell.


From: Ea! Sunday, April 12, 06:33PM

Just to clarify Scum's point:

The reason that we made the change was unrelated to the Coven. Instead, if was because Terrizano (a Hermetic, I believe), as well as a few others, in the pkill tourney were overly disadvantaged as their fighter opponents were blocking all of their spells due to a low-mind sink



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