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Posted by Mandrake on 04/14

I was just thinking (after trying to go OOC with detect hidden), wasn't the original idea regarding OOC and spell affects etc to stop people taking this route to avoid dying to bleeding or poison? I mean, having to rent to read certain boards seems silly, especially since these spells are of no use OOC (apart from perhaps invis and hide). Who cares if you can detect invis/hidden/illusion or even fly OOC. -shrug-

From: Sandra Thursday, April 09, 05:55PM

The reason that spells like those aren't allowed ooc is because people were using ooc to preserve spells, which isn't what ooc is for.

From: Mandrake Thursday, April 09, 06:40PM

Hmm, but what's there to gain from that? Ie. preserving spells where you can't do anything. Sure it allows you to go AFK without wasting spells/time etc but that's more of a convenience than anything else.

From: Himura Thursday, April 09, 07:50PM

if that's the case, you shouldn't allow ppl to come ooc who have timed eq. i mean, it does seem rather harsh to prevent a whole mess of ppl from entering ooc, but those that gain most from the stuff you want to stop are those with timed eq who can't afford to sit around in the open.

From: Oxalis Friday, April 10, 03:51AM

Keep the timer ticking on equip while in ooc, and justify it in terms of realism by a mob which takes it and places it in a locker before allowing you to enter, and gives it back when you leave =P

From: Solomon Friday, April 10, 10:41AM

Certain spells were prohibited from ooc because pkillers were spelling themselves up with magic sinks, armor, etc and then waiting ooc until somebody came on they wanted to kill, then swooping in for the kill. This was especially easy when it was possible to see the whole who list while you were ooc. You could sit in ooc invisibly and just lie in wait, which was an abuse of the ooc area. This is why you can't go ooc with certain spells on you.

From: Himura Friday, April 10, 12:44PM

you can STILL go ooc with sink and armor, and whois somebody STILL works i n ooc. invis doesnt work, see invis doesnt work, but you can simply still wait th e spells on you. i don't see how you meant to fix it when the main spells you gave as sons are the ones that still work

From: Mandrake Friday, April 10, 12:52PM

Yeah, seems the only spells you can go OOC with are ones you say are meant to stop you going OOC, all arguments so far have been flawed but still, I probably shouldn't have brought it up as you're most likely to disallow all spells despite their being little sense in it.

From: Ishtar Saturday, April 11, 04:36AM

There would be problems with stopping us going ooc with some spells. For example, some mages cannot move without a strength spell on. You would not be able to move around ooc to read the boards.

Some go around all the time with sink and armor as a precaution. I do not know if this is why they are allowed, but there would be a serious problem if spells not being removed by renting out is implemented as you would have to choose between not being able to use ooc for legitimate reasons or not wearing your defensive spells (for clanned I mean).

The ones people usually wear all the time are usually the 2nd circle ones that last a relatively long time and have lower mana cost. 3rd circle spells often cost more mana and last less time due to poorer cast levels so they are the ones people would cast for special purposes and want to preserve. Maybe it should be kept that 3rd circle (and druid equivalents) are the ones not permitted ooc?


From: Laurana Saturday, April 11, 11:24AM

It shouldn't be necesarry for a mage to use strength to move arounf ooc ma

From: Himura Saturday, April 11, 11:32AM

I don't know of many people who cast 3rd circle spells for pk purposes, that can be cast onto them for special reasons, with the possible exceptio of stoneskin, which probably doesnt happen too often anyway.

(forgot vanish, but that could just as easily be brewed)

Anyway, i see how ooc prevents you from sustaining life while bleeding, poisoned, etc, but it's silly that spells like fly are not permitted while armor/sink/strength/bless etc are all allowed in ooc.

The way i see it, those are the spells ppl would most likely want to preserve, since unless you time those spells meticulously, you'll always end up with less than full mana when you recast them.

I think, for the spirit of ooc not turning into a spell-freeze arena, as well as a huge old-style bag, might as well ban ANY magical effects and timed eq from ooc.

Or make it like the plains of ill-luck, where you can lose hps, lose ticks but not regain anything.

From: Wraith Saturday, April 11, 12:33PM

Currently, it is not possible to check for all spell effects before transferring characters into the OOC lounge. Once we are able to, I'm sure this problem will be rectified.

- Wraith


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