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Posted by Himura on 04/20

I was wondering if it would be possible to make pracs more fluid, given that there is little room for error in learning.

It is probably one of the least newbie-friendly features of this mud, not being able to unlearn or trade skills once you have learned it.

There should be an option for us to do so, as i find myself creating characters over and over, as i realize i had spent one prac too many on useless stuffs that looked promising at the time.

From: Shemp Tuesday, April 14, 09:55AM

Hell yeah we should be able to un-learn a skill. It would simply take some coding, and, well, some Imm support.

I cant think of a SINGLE player who would be against this. But, I doubt if it will happen.


From: Shemp Tuesday, April 14, 09:57AM



From: Pegasus Tuesday, April 14, 11:00AM

Well, I'm against it.

For one thing, "realism", how is one supposed to just forget a skill? Unless of course it's used so infrequently, that it eventually fades away (over a long period of time). That, i can accept, but otherwise what's the point in having pracs at all? Everyone would just swap skills whenever they required the use of a skill they don't have, there'd be no limit to the kind of char you could be (ie. a jack of all trades), something this mud is trying to break away from (eventually). There are some interesting ways of breaking away from this somewhat standard prac/skill system, and hopefully one day, skill trees will liven things up in this regard.


From: Ad Tuesday, April 14, 05:35PM

Not to be offensive, but realism? Since when do people have to 'level' to 'learn' and since when in reality are people limited to a certain number of skills?

However, there are of course very valid points in keeping the skill system the way it is--once learned, can't undo it.

With the advent of skill trees (god forbid, i am still hoping) usage would play such a great role that having pracs would be pointless--who cares if you know EVERYTHING, if you can't perform one thing reliably?

Having practices are, in my opinion, mostly to limit mages from learning all the skills and spells, and, with rent limit on lvls as well as just plain lvl limits, prevent knowledgable lowbies from becoming too powerful (preventing a lvl 12 from having expert fencing, although he/she may have the stats, for example)

I guess for most of us it doesn't truly matter; fair number of us have been around here long enough to know the nit-picky details and stuff to fall into the traps our first characters have fallen, learning arm wrestling, shipbuilding, and whatnot.

Of course, we do pick up a useless skill from time to time, like elbow (i find it that i use other skills in favor of it, i may be the only one) but we can always make a new character and have them not fall into the same trap.

And in time, we will have a skill wipe, so why bother tackling another coding nightmare that will allow us to trade skills?

From: Arsene Wednesday, April 15, 01:40AM

the prac gone thing is good, unless you totally rip out the fight system, and mess up peoples chars, then a skill wipe would be needed, but thats been said already

From: Celia Wednesday, April 15, 01:55AM


I really don't understand the above statement.


From: Vajrapani Wednesday, April 15, 03:50AM

neither do i

From: Mandrake Wednesday, April 15, 06:57AM

Hey, it's not realistic that I can't learn anything more in my life despite being just 25 years old! My brain must be full! hehe, umm.. How about you charge say 500k for either extra pracs or for skills to be unlearned.

You can't really change your character THAT much anyway, more to fix up past mistakes, probably used by ones 1st character mostly which we all messed up but would still like to keep. Your hometown still remains, your messed up level learnt on spells still remains (still wish it was order learnt rather than level) Having too much or too little in a stat can stop you from switching to a different fight type etc etc.

But anyway, just making it cost something would stop it being exploited, and ooh.. It'd add some value to money! (as would 100k prize tokens and preserve/tform mobs) ;]

From: Shemp Thursday, April 16, 10:05AM

Okay, how about this:

The only skills that are un-learnable are basic fencing, arms training, swordsmanship, advance fencing, arms training , swordsmanship, expert fencing, armstraining and swordsmanship.

That WILL prevent someone from being a "Jack of all trades" and it will allow those of us who were screwed by changes in the fight system to switch from dex to con to str and back or whatever. I know everyone wants to balance the fight system, but face it -- some players styles are suited to one or another type of fighting style. At one point, con fighters were awesome. They have been toned down and dex and str fighters improved. Why should I have to make a new char? Yeah, I could - but I dont want to.

Realism - bah! Dragons, time-traveling, flying, taking a canoe across the Atlantic....uh, I dont think so. Anyone who thinks this game is realistic: SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP! Its an outlet, meant to be fun for all to enjoy, a place to socialize and role-play.

Giving players a few pracs back to fix a few skills would not in any way deter us from the point of this game. If you think it would, then I guess we simply disagree.


From: Arsene Thursday, April 16, 01:57PM

the post reflected several characters made for specific functions, i.e. dex cause mages with no rudh, and no dodge, and used pracs for skills useful at the time. then when the system changed, and their charac ters were no longer viable, they wanted to change, but were locked into a system on account of their pracs and couldnt change. some still are.

From: Pegasus Saturday, April 18, 02:37AM

pfft, fine. I'll take back the excuse of realism and i'll replace it with cruddyness. I think your idea is cruddy. It lacks IC reason, which is what i was trying to point out in my other append. The ability to trade in skills for pracs or whatever, is for out of character reasons. Maybe more options should be given when new skills are imp'd, but i'm not gonna bother with that.


From: Vajrapani Saturday, April 18, 12:31PM

Out of character reasons?

I don't see what you would call as out of character reason, as the improvement of a character, imho, is very strictly ic. I don't think it's cruddy, if this mud was balanced, it shouldnt matter whether people traded in their pracs every two seconds. A lot of people go through phases with their characters, and as time passes, characters do develop and find new niches to explore.

From: Drax Sunday, April 19, 01:41PM

This is a little off topic, but what about an extra practice for 100,200,300,400, and 500 million xp? It's not much really, but it is a hell of a lot better than just getting a whois, IMHO. Guess I am biased because I am approaching 100mil, but this has been suggested to me by a couple of others as well when we were throwing around ideas.


From: Vajrapani Sunday, April 19, 05:45PM

What i was thinking for 100mil could be a permanent 100 prestige. It is not that much of an advantage, i don't think, and it fits quite nicely--i mean, 100mil xp is a great achievement, and it is probably somewhat reasonable that they have immense prestige. For 100mil and above, an extra prac is nice, but that only seems to benefit mage chars, as most fighter types can learn all they want and still have pracs left over.

Maybe giving them a code so that those grouped with that character earns extra xps, (say, 5% more when grouped with a 200mil char?) could make them more popular to hang out with (like they need that) and could make interesting xp runs where people get cumulative bonuses by being grouped with these extra xp chars.

Or, of course, we could try the 1 coupon per 100mil xp thing, which would work quite nicely for me :P


From: Drax Sunday, April 19, 09:23PM

Hmm, neat idea indeed! There seems to be quiet a few people here that have hit the 100 mil mark, and I think this would at least let them be a bit more useful (not that they aren't) if they are not looking for xp for themselves. 200 mil is pretty far away yet, but it would be nice to have something to look forwards to, and aim for at that stage.

I just think a whois is a bit cheesy for the amount of time required to get to 100 mil, and certainly beyond. (not that it isn't appreciated)


From: Mandrake Monday, April 20, 06:17AM

Coupons I'd agree with since it gives no benefit in fighting but prestige and extra pracs would. I don't really feel like going for 100 mil xp cos there's no cap on prestige loss.


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