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just for mandrake...

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Posted by Rufus on 04/22

Friday, when the code is updated, there will be a prestige loss cap of 10 on fleeing.

(it actually applies to everyone, but seems like mandrake was most vocal about it).


From: Vajrapani Tuesday, April 21, 09:03PM

Hrm, nifty, so no more losing 96 prestige running from a tendril?

From: Rufus Tuesday, April 21, 10:18PM

Yeah, you'd lose a max of 10.

From: Mandrake Tuesday, April 21, 11:02PM

hehe, thanks..

now, how about an extra 100 stat points just for Mandrake!?

From: Vajrapani Tuesday, April 21, 11:05PM

hrm, i'll whine for that too, and this time -i-'ll be most vocal..

gimme 100 stat extra :P

From: Rufus Tuesday, April 21, 11:09PM

Okay, I'll do that, but as a penalty, you'll have to accept all your axioms being set to 0.

What does that mean? You can learn any skills, not even bandage =)


From: Celia Tuesday, April 21, 11:11PM

ooooh, that sounds painful


From: Mandrake Tuesday, April 21, 11:21PM

Actually, that reminds me.. If a -con spell was ever implemented, we'd kind of need more stat points for a 3rd circle 100 mind mage to not lose a bunch of spells to it.. When i was dex i was at 100 98 50 40 40 20, i had 50 con so would have been ok but sacrificed a couple of mind for it, a create mage though would need 30 strength so could only reach 98 mind with 40 con. Not sure how many spells or skills could be lost to a -con spell in that case but is something to consider.

From: Arsene Wednesday, April 22, 05:17AM

Hmm, would be kind of novel if a neg con attack was made availible to london, we dont get much else.


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