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Posted by Vajrapani on 04/27

Cross play is specifically said to be illegal in the rules.

Crossplay seems to include various things, but the most important one seems to be the clause that reads something like 'to not use a char to benefit another char of your own, etc.'

In other words, any OOC friendships and transactions that spawn from this OOC friendship becomes cross-play.

There are many ways to remove much of the OOC transactions, which include:

o removal of the ooc lounge, or at least making it a silent room. o removal of tells and channels, or making channels RP-only.

o allowance of only one character per player, or at least one character for a given period of time

o announcing enter/leave via renting to people who choose to hear it, to monitor eq-swapping, or other possible cross-play activities

o having to apply for a character before char gen, stating RP background, (RP goals) and other generic RP information.

o not allowing a clanned char for a few weeks, or a month after retiring a previous clanned.

o monitoring of the active clans and their roster, and warn people if the same players keep getting together under different clannames, or keep clanning in the same clan.

o a more extensive check on the xp/group system, so that finishing off DYING mobs give no experience if not most members of the group (50%+) are present in the room.

o if removing tells are too harsh, limiting the ability to send tells to people that have befriended each other.

o imposing a lvl restriction on tells, such that a lvl 1 char cannot tell to a lvl 50 char unless befriended

o a very clear, published set of punishments that leave less room towards the imm's personal opinion, or even a set of jury to decide on punishment.

And though less to do with crossplaying,

o a weekly response from an imm representatives to discuss the ideas posted on the board, even if the only thing to say is "haven't discussed yet"


From: Vajrapani Friday, April 24, 10:47PM

dang, zmud ate all my spaces, i typed it in all nice and indented.


From: Point Saturday, April 25, 01:48AM

I'm afraid to say that I disagree with virtually all of these suggestions. First of all, there are people here who have virtually no interest in RP whatsoever, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I personally play because I have fun making characters and levelling them, and watching them go stronger. Having to apply with an RP background everytime I want a new character and waiting for it to be approved before I could play it is ridiculous.

As for restricting tells or channels, if channels were rp only, and low levels can't tell to higher levels unless they're befriended, the newbie who's level 1 and doesn't know anyone and is stuck in the bog does what? He can't chat for help, and he can't tell to anyone to ask how to get out.

Letting characters have the option of seeing who rents in and out will do nothing to discourage crossplaying. I would think that it would actually increase it, as I could then learn all of a friends alts and then ask them for help when they're on, whereas before I might not have been aware that they also played that character.

And finally, the day they set a limit saying I can only play one character at a time is the day I leave this mud. There are times it's rather nice to log on an obscure character no one knows is Point and be able to play without constantly being bothered by people asking for help. Not that I have any problem with helping people, but there are times when the sheer volume of requests makes it rather difficult to get anything else besides answering tells done.

Anyway, I personally don't see crossplaying as you define it as all that big of a problem. If I'm specifically using one of my characters to help another, then yes, that is against the rules and should be punished. But if I have a character in an xp hole, and ask a friend who know's Point but not the other character for help getting out of it, who really cares?

Anyway, i'll quit spamming the board now.


From: Vajrapani Saturday, April 25, 02:00PM

We do have newbie helpers, and we could have them be solely responsible for newbie rescues, etc ;)

Anyway, i do see the point of not having RP, so maybe we should (i should, rather) rephrase all my suggestions toward making a clanned char, as opposed to making any char.

More in the lines of having to have an RP background in order to apply for pk, maybe.

But honestly, i think lack of RP as virtually synonymous to crossplay, as i see the same players grouping all the time with simply different characters.

I don't think anybody's really exempt from this, it is more the norm than the exception. Whether to think it a major offense or not would be up to everyone's opinion, but it is against the rules.

From: Cheyla Saturday, April 25, 06:51PM

Personally, I tend to -RP- with the same group of people, so I cannot agree with you that crossplay would be decreased because one has an RP.

As for newbie helpers being solely responsible for newbie rescues, I think that is rather unfair to 1) the NPHers themselves, and 2) to other players who do not wish to join NPH but like helping newbies.

While they are all great ideas, Vaj, I do not see any of them really helping the crossplay situation. It is not something easily goverened, and is really something that HAS to go on the honor system.

From: Arsene Monday, April 27, 10:47AM

Logging alts, watching char switches, character restrictions aren't going to do anything except decrease the player base by creating a police state here where you are afraid to discuss things because of fear of snooping.

The only way to deal with crossplaying is by the players themselves not wa to have it and doing something about about it, the imms haven't done much of anything about since legend has existed, and cant. Its up to active pla to discourage it.


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