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Posted by Arsene on 05/04

Any return of filmy vials, or a use of bows planned in the near future? or can I have my 3 pracs back? not much of any use right now for an archer over a bowman. very little use for a bowman

From: Rufus Tuesday, April 28, 06:38PM

Doubt filmy vials will be back anytime soon, until we fix a few things with dip and how spell levels work. As far as bows, the best bow in the game, with 100 perc and all 3 skills can do upwards of 40 to 50 points of damage a round, plus has a chance to stun the oponent, snipe, or knock them to the ground. Sure its reload is a bit slow, but a good bowman can actually shoot once per round, or 3 times every 2 rounds if the bow is the only weapon they have equipped. I frankly agree that the accuracy on firing weapons isn't up to par and that's being looked at. But the ability to instantly kill your oponent (and snapper would have to correct me, but the chance is real close if not exact between deadeye and sniper) plus all the other bonuses bows allow really make up for it. They are also, compared to guns, generally cheaper in rent and ammo, though tend to be a bit heavier. And actually the increase in skills, from bowman to archer to deadeye is a significant increase in the ability for you to hit your opponent. And no, just like everyone else, you'll have to wait for the skill wipe before you can 'trade in' those three pracs. -Ruf

From: Vajrapani Tuesday, April 28, 10:16PM

Just wondering, would it be too much game info to ask which messages were roughly how much damage, or at least list them in order? I mean i guess shattering one bone is less damage than shattering several, but some others i think are less clear (same with round damage) As far as stunning/sitting goes, it seems that guns do that too, so not too much a 'bow' advantage. Oh yeah, any plans to code different msgs for the damage a kick/elbow backstab does? would be kinda neat :P

From: Pleb Wednesday, April 29, 06:13AM

I've tried the best bow in the game, it did about 30 max and you couldn't hold another item with it, how is it you can shoot once/round? by holding 2 or 3 bows? Bows also don't snipe.. a sniper won't go 10 shots without a snipe, i've fired a bow a couple of thousand times, it doesn't snipe unless it was changed very recently. BTW, the change to dex weapons making the only dex weapon to use the gae-bolg if you have high perc really bites.

From: Pounce Wednesday, April 29, 08:48AM

I don't usually write on the boards much, but I thought that I'd mention that I hold that same bow, another hold item and my dagger with no problem. Of course, its a normal dagger, not a heavier-than- usual one.

From: Vajrapani Wednesday, April 29, 11:51AM

Some bows don't allow you to hold another item, unless of course they require tons of str--i haven't been able to wield a weapon and hold the elm bow (the one by the indians) for example. And deadeye doesnt snipe anywhere nearly as much as the sniper skill, as a sniper will snipe pretty much 10% or so, whereas deadeye simply doesnt.

From: Arsene Wednesday, April 29, 01:01PM

true, you cant fight without a weapon either, and with the mind req/bind/idiocy and the need for 42 str playing 100dex/perc is out of the question. and shooting a 100 dex person or even 80-90 for that matter is an effort in futility.

From: Chup Wednesday, April 29, 08:27PM

Well I suppose it depends on what weapon you use .. I have used A wormtooth dagger with the elm bow and still been able to hold a gold figurine. Probably the Gae-bolg is much more bulky. I do agree with Pleb on the fact that we seem to have in the daggers (and swords for that matter) one weapon which is clearly superior to all others I dont think that this is a good idea .. especially since both these 'top' weapons come from SL. And yes, bows snipe nowhere near as often as guns.

From: Nail Thursday, April 30, 12:52AM

There have always been weapons of every type that were considered the best weapon of it's type, and as many people as could get them used them. That's not likely to change. As for the weapons coming from shadowlands, what's wrong with that? The best weapons you can get should be hard to get, and shadowlands seems like a perfect place for them to me. It at least keeps these weapons semi rare, as opposed to the previous 'best' dex weapon, the wormy, which every single character who was dex had. Nail

From: Psytrac Thursday, April 30, 01:15AM

I don't mind making, say, the gae-bolg the best ultimate weapon in the game, i could care less. But, i can't agree on that if it comes at the cost of DOWNGRADING existing weapons, such as the wit. The wit wasn't even that widely used, and i don't see why it had to be downgraded to make the gae-bolg undoubtedly the only decent weapon to use. Give wit the ability to parry back, or at least reduce its rent even furth er, or give it a 5 net stat as it can't parry anymore. And no, don't yank parry from gae-bolg to equalize it, that'd mean every sniper will have to use draw to maximize their backstabs.

From: Pleb Thursday, April 30, 07:23AM

I'm just curious if anyone's sniped with a bow in the last few months? I followed a sniper around for about 30 mins and he sniped 5 mobs, 2 in a row and has sniped 3 in a row a couple of times. It seems if bows snipe at all it's at least 1/1000 while guns are 1/10 or better. or.. perhaps deadeye is bugged?

From: Pleb Thursday, April 30, 07:29AM

Also about dex weapons, we're not talking about a bit more damage or the spell attatched but the only weapon to use if you have high perc as it makes a huge difference to backstab, the sharp wit was an option if you didn't mind losing 5 stat points (which was bad enough) but not anymore. Do we have a prac reimbursed for the loss of parry? a free gae-bolg perhaps? I didn't think so.

From: Rufus Thursday, April 30, 06:08PM

I've just um, statted the wit and the gae bolg, neither have the NO_PARRY flag.

From: Pleb Friday, May 01, 04:13AM

Well that's strange, I hadn't parried with the wit at all over many many fights. Maybe a new bug was introduced in there somewhere. Anyway, I still doubt anyone would use a no parry dex weapon. May as well rip them out of the game.

From: Rufus Friday, May 01, 06:11PM

You might be surprised when you're faced with the choice of either being able to backstab or parry. anyway, parry's being changed (hopefully by next friday) so that all weapons will be able to parry to a degree. Or at least all types, many of the 'best weapons' currently will not, by their nature, be able to parry, whereas they will have strengths in other areas. -Ruf

From: Arsene Saturday, May 02, 05:56PM

con weapons, nor str weapons should not be able to parry, str does too muc damage as is, parrry is the dex fighters only chance of survival, and with tumble vs headbutt sucking, giving con fighters parry is taking away one of the few dex advantages.

From: Rufus Saturday, May 02, 07:22PM

Actually, the formulas Ea! and I've talked about, parry would be excellent for dex fighters, okay for con, and mediocre for str. Weapon weight will also play into it, as well as damage type vs damage type (items such as nets will probably be the best parrying weapons in the game, etc). The dex parry may very well even get better, and there has been some discrepancies with the tumble formulas between the skills and we're looking at resolving those and making them more consistent. -Ruf

From: Arsene Monday, May 04, 09:27PM

It would be a great move if parry (on dex) was restricted at the net 5 , q 5 level to the gae-golb to require mages to sac some stats in order to safely use the weapon, too many of the best fighter skills are usable for too many mages, plus all the cheap mage tactics such as idiocy.

From: Arsene Monday, May 04, 09:28PM

to continue, parry could also be hometown restricted to lima/ london/klein also, and seeing as hwo our dam sucks vs a str fighter, and mages dont really need parry as they have healing and crippling not accessible to the dex fighter, who is alos hampered by mind req, low damage, low hp, and inability to fast heal, why not make it a usable skill, and of course improve accuracy and make backstab a skill that has at least a chance of giving a kill outright, as the times we rarely get a head in a fight all that happens is a flee, a blind or an idiocy, that a non chancting non brewing char cant counter, and Ive 5 aimed with a gun and missed or not even a stun so many times, I dont think ID exists.

From: Siachet Monday, May 04, 11:03PM

Why would a non-mage dex fighter be hampered by low damage and low hps? If they need only 25/35 mind there is ample room to have two more high stats besides dex.

Even if they are dex/perc there is still room to have either fairly high strength or fairly high con, so they should not lack both damage and hps.



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