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Posted by Vajrapani on 05/07

I understand that dexterity gives AC bonus, yet i seem to recall a post mentioning that naked ACs are also figured into a person's likeliness of being hit.

Just curious as to how the mechanics work, and if we do have two things being figured in (naked ac vs. equipped ac) could there be a config that tells us how much of our current acs come from one or the other?

From: Rufus Thursday, May 07, 12:50AM

Okay, ac with all the gear on actually figures into whether you get missed or get hit. If it registers as a 'non' hit, it then determines whether it is a block (rolled against your natural ac, which is modified dex/perc less the natural (100) ac of players less the level bonus to ac). If it hits through that it's considered a 'block'. blocks can also damage eq, if a slot is hit upon blocking.

There are a few other results of hits and misses, namely dodges and parries, or the 'clean miss'. There are also 'auto hits' (5% chance on any attack) and 'auto-misses' (5% chance on any attack) that ignore the whole hit table.

Clear things up?


From: Rufus Thursday, May 07, 12:54AM

oh and on the 'config' option... no, that's part of the mystery of the game, and I fear I've given almost too much out already.

(which is the cheezy way of saying 'once it was decided and calculated, logged, analyzed, blah blah blah and we determined it was reasonably within balance, I forgot what formulas are used exactly and I'm way too lazy to look them up =P)


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