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Posted by Arsene on 05/09

Hmmm, change to blind seems cool, the 10 per cent thing might be, experience will see, but the no single dip thing is kinda not good. I have 4 or 5 things I like to dip, which means about 2-2.5k rent for them, and I cant brew, so Im fairly dependant on finding a brewer. Infinite dip prolly wasnt a good thing though I did manage to keep a filmy vial a three or four weeks. maybe limiting a vial to 10 single dips or something woudl be better,.

if its not too hard to code, carrying all those quivers is and vials is tough, and single dip requires lots of maintenance and bordering your weight limit, its not all its cut out to be.

From: Rufus Saturday, May 09, 02:54AM

Currently, it's impossible to track how many arrows have been dipped, that was our original design, but the limits of the code without redoing a few major things, I'm looking into it, but don't expect a change any time soon, unfortunately.


From: Mandarb Saturday, May 09, 02:16PM

You didn't manage anything arsene. You got them off of either friends that were clanned or unclanned, we'll never know, or youy multi'd it. I know for a fact because ruby looted one and junked it, and 3 days later you had one, so don't make yourself look all great, you just found a way around the system to keep one.

-Mandarb, President of the IHAC, I Hate Arsene Club

From: Rufus Saturday, May 09, 02:19PM

This is not the warboard, Mandarb. Keep the IC insults there, and keep the OOC accusations on other proper channels (eg, don't cry wolf. If you have a legit beef, tell an imm).


From: Agni Saturday, May 09, 02:18PM

Think it makes sense that single arrows would use up entire vials, it solves the problem of making all deadeyes equivalent as long-distance mages.

I'd personally not mind this change, but then bows should be upgraded to do more, maybe add a chance to disorient instead of stun or bash, who knows, or actually up the additional damage by flaming arrows or add more vials? I only found one oil, but it'd be interesting to have oils that poison.


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