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Posted by Sinister on 05/10

Hmm, just look a bit 'scarry' to be sniped from another room by a blinded guy.

I agree that blind was a bit overpowered tho, but is the way it is now ver fair?

I think it would be more cool if blind would reduce like 15% of your per score so only ppl with 100per could snipe when blinded, would also prevent some half-mages to some spells..

Anyway, for it to be fair, i'd think blind should still prevent ppl from seeing but allowing them to see their inv..

My 2 cents here, once again.


From: Rufus Sunday, May 10, 03:47AM

If it were easy, we'd do it. Unfortunately it's not, though we can limit shooting without too many problems. I'll look into it.



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