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Posted by Nomad on 05/21

The new blind spell has really lost most of it's fun...

I would think it might be good to be able to use items while blind ...

However, being able to see where you're going, seeing people enough to know who you crashed into and all that is just really underpowering the spell.. Perhaps items can be manipulated but vision of rooms and stuff should be restricted?

Just my thoughts ...


From: Agni Sunday, May 10, 10:57PM

I think it takes out the fun of blinding flash against a number of ppl, and that's no fun.

If it's possible, could blind be the same as having infravis while dark? that way ppl can still get lost to some extent.

From: Rufus Monday, May 11, 12:16AM

I'll try to make this clear...

Fixing blind to the point we really wish to fix it is not a reality. Casing out inventory, eq, etc, is impossible without major modifications to a very difficult function. It would require more time than we're willing to put in because we're making a conscious effort to get skilltrees out within a reasonable amount of time, and this, unfortunately, includes locking this codebase down. Period. The fix to blind is a temporary fix, and we'll make modifications as necessary, but ONLY as necessary. If it underpowers the spell a bit that's much easier to deal with than having an overpowering spell, which is exactly what we had before.


From: Velasca Monday, May 11, 01:32AM

Maybe just have it last for one or two ticks, with the same affects it had before, and putting a flag on it so that you can't just be blinded immediately after again, and maybe have it prevent you from renting? Surely that wouldn't be horribly overpowering as it was before, and still make it a formidible spell.

It'd at least give mages a chance to do some damage before it wears off.

From: Lemming Monday, May 11, 02:50AM

K, maybe it's just me..but why not give fighters a skill to blind with? Something like gouge, or "kick _dirt_"? skill lag of three rounds with a chance to fail? Instead of changing blind(which -I- thought was fine and dandy..but like I said, maybe it's just me...


From: Prospero Monday, May 11, 03:26AM

wow seems the people that yelled for fixes on other char types really get whiny when their abuse of the fight code is fixed.

From: Anexia Monday, May 11, 11:42AM

why not just give all skills/spells to all chars .... bah this discussion is to far out. You people just whine to much!

A good pkill-mud is one that never changes :)

It ticks me off that people want this and that skill for their char. Let the imms balance this mud. Then it is your task to build that best char under the system. If every char-type got what they where asking for this mud would suck. Personally i think complaining should not be allowed and whining should cause deletion! No more no less.

Lets the god deside and DIE if you oppose. You are just a pathetic mortal! So stop whining about changes and live with the system.

Anexia & Attitude

- worships all the gods of LegendMUD

From: Agni Monday, May 11, 03:58PM

It was an overpowerring spell, sure, but ji think most of us found one way or another to deal with it, and honestly for most of us it wasnt really that much a skill to be afraid of, and more or less just waste of mana against those who pk a lot.

currently, i think, it takes out one of the major usefulness(es) of having a create mage, who can blinding flash and work around massively uneven odds, or add an element of chaos to an otherwise well-planned ambush. if anything, the lag in moving should be increased a tad, or have ppl not be able to initiate attacks while blind, or have it take off 10% of perc so margiinal snipers can't snipe.

From: Rufus Monday, May 11, 06:03PM

After thinking about it, I think I'll leave it most of the way we have it, however people will appear as 'somebody's' and you won't be able to do things such as initiate combat, or use skills on anyone other than yourself... Hopefully I'll have it in by friday, but don't hold your breath, I'd actually prefer to be doing other code right now than try to fix everything anyone perceives as being broken, whether broken or not.


From: Agni Monday, May 11, 11:14PM


From: Jehannum Tuesday, May 12, 08:59AM

-nod Agni-

Sounds almost perfect to me :)

From: Huginn Thursday, May 21, 10:39PM

Yeah, Prospero, it does seem that people yell when their character type is weakened. If I didn't know better, I'd swear that fighters never ever stand a chance against mages, (who are only slightly below Imms in powerlevel and effects... in fact, I'm sure that a group of 2 or 3 well played mages could take out Rufus or Ptah, especially if they have surprise on their side.) The worst sort of fighter has got to be the dex / per fighter.

Absolutely no balance at all in this combat system.. very sad.

Definately amusing to read..



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