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Posted by Agni on 05/13

Not to nag on anyone, but could we get a revamp on helpfiles soon? Half the spells aren't logged, and those that are tend to be erroneus. And maybe i wasn't here for this, but I was notified that damage/healing spells now have variable cost over the base cost depending on mind, so does that mean spells that say "is based on cast lvl" are actually now based on mind (flamestrike, for example)?

I've certainly noticed it using Cure Critical and Immolate, but if the helpfiles say "Cost: 40" "based on cast lvl" it's rather misleading.


From: LadyAce Wednesday, May 13, 09:24AM

I know that there are people working on helpfiles, it's an admin departmen project. I've forgotten who is in charge of which ones, but I bet if you send mudmail to Sandra, citing which files need fixing, she'll pass it on to the appropriate parties.

I know it's frustrating when the ingame helps aren't up to date, but we're working on it :)



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