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Posted by Amadio on 05/15

I will say this once more. I have nothing against pkillers using chat. Chat should be for everyone. However, obviously it annoys some people to get spammed to death because someone is whining about getting jumped. If you don't like getting jumped, wolfpacked, whatever, don't pk enable. And don't clutter up my screen telling me about it 'cause I don't really care.

Don't y'all remember why pkill got yanked in the first place? The way I remember it, it had a lot to do with flames going out over chat. So. What happens now is when there's pkill stuff being talked about on chat, some imm will usually be nice and create a pkill conference. It's obviouslly there to be used, so why not use it? It's a courtesy to those who don't want to hear about pkill on chat. And there's certainly no reason to insult me ooc for asking you to switch to the conference, like some of you just did. If you don't want me to ask you to move again, then ask an imm to tell me to stop. Because when I can't see how my fights are going because I'm getting spammed with 'He jumped me and then multi'd me and then someone else looted me and multi'd everyone and everyone's dead boo damn hoo', I'm going to ask you to move if there's another conference available.

Amadio Alvarado, who unfortunately is getting more and more annoyed with people on this mud and doesn't want to be.

From: Agni Thursday, May 14, 12:37AM

The way i see it, unclanneds use chat to whine much more than clanneds do, and yet there is no complaints from the pk community.

If you don't want to hear it, turn it off, it's toggle-able for a reason.

And if you want to do something about it, clan a char and have it carry out your beliefs.

Everyone knows when something is excessive, and conferences are created when arguments reach that point. If you don't have the maturity to wait it out until a conference is made, you shouldn't listen to chat at all.

Or, you could always clan a character that goes after those that whine too much on chat.

From: Anexia Thursday, May 14, 05:07AM

A pkill channel has been proposed several times. But it has never been implemented. The reason for that Im not aware of.

Mayby it would be a good time to install one?

Seems alot of non-pkillers are annoyed by the whining pkillers.

then non-pkillers wouldnt loose anything from toggling off the channel, compared to what they loose toggling off chat.

From: Marcel Thursday, May 14, 07:36AM

I can see one problem with imp'ing a pkill-only channel.

Pkillers attempting to roleplay (yeah, some of us do that) might get told to take -everything- we do there.

I'm not going to get into the debate as to whether there is too much whining on chat or not, as this apparently does not occur during my European gaming hours (thank God).

But I do think that separating RP/Pkill and RP/itself even further will be a bad thing for every person involved. The way I see it, I don't want to know whether the person I'm roleplaying with is pkill enabled or not - and if he is, well, then pkill is just one outcome of a situation, just as is making friends, going off in separate directions, getting married, or for that matter just meeting ooc later on and laugh our butts off.

Lord Marcel Alexander,


From: Amadio Thursday, May 14, 11:10AM

Ok. Look. I'm sick of people telling me 'Oh, grow up.' Or 'Oh, turn off chat.' Agni, please don't accuse me of being anything unless you know what the hell you're talking about. As a matter of fact, last night, when this whole thing set me off, there -WAS- a Pkill conference on which none of the characters I asked to move to was using. As far as I know they never moved to it. I don't know because I rented, because I was tired of being insulted ooc. And I am thoroughly pissed that someone who obviously wasn't there has the nerve to accuse me of immaturity.


As for Marcel's post, I thoroughly agree. IC pkill over chat is great. If the issue was that RP-pkill over chat had to be throw out along with ooc-pkill over chat, I would gladly shut my mouth. That would be like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

However, I'm not asking that all pkill talk be relegated to some far-off channel that only 3 people and the imms listen to. I'm asking people to please have a little courtesy. If someone, including me, asks someone to not whine ooc about pkill over chat, what's the big problem? If there's a specific -pkill- conference open, why not use it? And I heard- 'Well, what if I want to taunt someone who's not listening to the conference and who's in their clanhall.' Well, first of all, the nature of these taunts is almost exclusively OOC. It's pretty rare that a taunt that goes out over chat is IC. When it is, I applaud. When it's not...then it's technically harassment, as unwilling as I am to open that can o' worms.

Secondly, why not ask that person to switch to the pkill conference? And if they don't, is your five minutes of fun really worth pissing off people who were completely uninvolved in your pkill and don't want to become involved? Because that's what you're doing when you whine ooc about pkill over chat. Simple.

Amadio Alvarado sees himself becoming less and less popular on this Mud and doesn't know why...

From: Draken Thursday, May 14, 11:46AM

Draken tells you, 'pardon me, would you mind terribly switching to the pkill conference so I can tell you what an ass you are for hiding in your clan hall?'

Yeah, that'll go over really well.

To me, last night's pkill traffic was no heavier than any other (non- pkill) topic might be. In fact, the traffic -discussing- the pkill topic was far spammier, and went on longer.

From: Erodic Thursday, May 14, 11:57AM

keep in mind that people on this mud like airing out their differences in public.

very few of the people i've met really care about settling things rationally or reasonably. they just want to slander the other person (whether truthful or not). This attitude is evidenced by all the posts on the boards where people make accusations without finding out all the facts.

The thing is, people WANT everyone to know what a jerk so-and-so was, and it's immature. however, both boards and public channels are there to facilitate free speech (with a few reasonable imm-limited exceptions), so it will continue.

From: Vajrapani Thursday, May 14, 12:45PM

To be perfectly honest with you, unless chat reaches a point where harrassments or deliberate spamming is made, i don't think there is any reason for anyone to demand that they move elsewhere.

And when harassments are made, or spamming, they should be dealt with the same way non-clanned chars are dealth with, period.

If ppl jump on your case for being not clanned, just remind them that nothing will prevent you from expressing your opinion, clanned or not, and live with it. I'm sure there are some of us that wouldn't mind not listening to all the RP spam, or those stupid lvl/death triggers, but we live with it.

Besides, most of the "PK" talks that goes on are inherently game issues of balance and ettiquette, much like anything else that goes on in this mud. Perfectly relevant and therefore belongs in a channel that is definately toggled on by most (some, whatever).

If anything, there should be a sanctuary channel for those of you who don't want to listen to chat, or carry out your own little debates, but that's what conferences are for.

If you have anything going on and would not like to be interrupted, ask for a channel, turn chat off, and carry on.

From: Amadio Thursday, May 14, 03:30PM

-sorry, got cut off by a crash, I think I left off at- SPECIFIC PKILL CONFERENCE. Very rarely do we not have one of those now, and since I don't think it's just to humor me, there must be other people who actually might agree with me, as doubtful as that seems right now.

So...I'm sick of fighting this fight. Spam away. Do watcha want, just please have a tiny bit of courtesy, and if someone asks you politely to do something 'cause it's bothering them, don't immediately jump down their throats.

Oh, and I'd ask that from now on, people that I've never talked to IC or otherwise please refrain from directly insulting my intellingence,

maturity, or parentage. Snippy little veiled comments, ok, fine, I'll live But don't be so damn obvious when you're flaming someone YOU'VE NEVER MET!

Amadio Alvarado lives to fight another day.

From: Anexia Friday, May 15, 04:59AM

Well normally there is not a pkill conference open when i get here, and besides that it would be better if you did not have to turn on whatever conference there would be. Call me lazy, but i still think a pure pkill channel would be great. No non-pkillers would be bothered and you could still RP/PK on chat. I never said that PK should be prohibited from chat. I just said that I for one is willing to use a special pkill channel to flame on, instead of chat. Ok i never flame anyway, but the point remains the same. Im sure im not the only one. And if non-pkillers thinks they are missing something then they can just have the pk channel on.

Besides im also to lazy to write different names to use conferences. And i dont see the problem. A PK channel would just be a permanent conference that you had (and didnt need to toggle on(off) each time)

Perhaps remove the restrictions on this PK channel?? Like an adult one -grin- Then i might start to flame -grin-

It would defenitly spark up pkill if you really could insult someone :) bah forget these last lines ... thats just me.

Anexia Whatever Blah Blah

From: Sandra Friday, May 15, 07:10AM

Lazy or not, if there's a conference up for pkill stuff(the usual name), and you or whoever is flaming/whining/etc pkill stuff on chat, you, or whoever, will be forced to use the conference.

And no, we won't remove any restrictions on the conference, or if we made a perm channel for it(That which you may consider any pkill conference, btw, so get used to it). If anything, the way some pkillers behave, its hould have more. It sure as hell isn't going to have less.

I fail to see how it sparks up anything to use profanity, if people lack the originality to make up more colourful insults, then I feel sorry for them.

So, no, the pkill conferences dont' need to be tagged adult. Nor will any channel, if we see fit to put one in.


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